Militant Rants

New Site Stuff!

Visitors to the site will now notice several additions to the navigation bar at the top of the site.  I’ve finally added some things that I had planned to include here for some time.  Here’s a basic run down of what has been added and how you might find them useful.

About MiliLib

I finally wrote up the “About Us” page for the site to include information on what, exactly, a Militant Libertarian is, a short history of the site, an explanation of the site’s sections (the bubbles on the front page) and what’s contained in them, and some site policies for comments and advertising.

Got an Article?

This section is for anyone who wishes to contribute to the site by suggestion, adding, or writing articles for publication here.  Most of you are probably unaware that everyone with an account at has the ability to submit articles directly, without having to email me.  You can submit stuff you’ve found online, your own original work, etc.  This page outlines how to do that and what the rules for articles to be considered here are.

Liberty Resources

When I very first began Militant Libertarian, I had a section that included downloads links for the founding documents and other resources.  That was lost with the reconstruction of the site for and I’m now resurrecting and expanding on that.  This page will be a growing resource for all things liberty, freedom, and “conspiracy.”  It contains links to authoritative resources for the U.S. Constitution, The Federalist/Anti-Federalist papers, where to find downloadable movies and books on the NWO, founding fathers, free market economics, and more.  This page is growing and if you have any suggestions, they are welcome.

Mili Meme Network

Finally, last but not least, we come to the Militant Meme Network.  This is an idea I’ve had and have been slowly working on with other sites to create and am finally ready to go public with.  It’s a simple, effective, and free way for all of us in the freedom/liberty movement to not only promote our own websites, but to promote the concepts we believe in (freedom, liberty, anti-government intervention, etc.) together.

The idea requires no money, no complicated software, etc.  It’s a simple idea that is at the core of how the Internet operates and is something that many of us are likely doing already, without knowing how it works.  It’s simple and effective and anyone can participate if they’d like to join in.  Details are on the page.

The Militant Libertarian is Reborn

This website is growing fast.  As the United States of America becomes more centralized, more socialized, and more like 1984/Brave New World, thousands upon thousands of us are fighting back as hard as we can.  Millions are listening and on board with our ideas.  So I’ve changed how Militant Libertarian operates, compared to its original incarnation years ago, and have re-dedicated myself to the fight.

If you have any way to help: from suggesting articles to joining the network or whatever else you can think of, come and do so.  Your help is more than welcome and all of us benefit by even the smallest thing you do.

This website started with an idea in 2001, grew to a simple blog in 2004, and is now becoming even more in 2010.  With the encouragement and help of a few people here and there, from $5 donations to suggestions for inclusions or ideas for articles, the Militant Libertarian movement grows.

We are all people who are emphatic about our desire to be left alone to be free, to have liberty, and to be that thing which those who founded America wanted to be: free people who are all equal, and who all want only to pursue life, liberty, and happiness.

Let’s make it happen.  Let’s spread the word, fight the good fight, and have a second Revolution not just in America, but everywhere.  Freedom is an inherent right we are all born with as members of the human race.  All we have to do is demand it, take it, and hold onto it.

Tell the New World Order, the Controllers, the Elites, the Bankers, the Communists, the Collectivists, the Robber Barons, and all the rest to leave us the hell alone! Our battle cry is clear, let’s sound it loudly to the sons of bitches that would enslave us and our children!

Give Me Liberty or Eat Lead!