Liberty Commentary

Spontaneous order

by Kent McManigal, Examiner

Spontaneous order is not “chaos“.  Instead, it is anarchy.  Spontaneous order is what you get when there is no “control” over a situation beyond things (or people) acting according to their nature.  It is what makes a snowflake always form with six sides, and what makes the Universe display other beautiful patterns and function as it does.  It is also what would provide for peaceful and mutually beneficial interactions among free people if there were not the insane control-freaks always trying to impose their “better way” from afar.

As spontaneous order in nature gets studied more, and hopefully understood better, perhaps educated people will begin to understand what wise people have known all along: that left alone, things will generally work themselves out in a beneficial way.  And if they don’t, imposing control wouldn’t have made the situation any better anyway.