Truth's Flashlight

Who thinks government can control costs?

LTE, Boston Globe

SOMEONE PLEASE explain why proponents of single-payer health care, such asPeter Lowy (Letters, March 3), believe this would lead to lower costs when in fact such a system would be a government monopoly.

All the talk of single payer as a competitive offset to insurance companies’ so-called greed is one-sided. Proponents assume that governments control costs in the absence of competition because government can eliminate the greed factor. Really? Since when have lawmakers not acted in their own self interest? Since when has a government monopoly lowered or contained the cost of anything? Single-payer health care would lower access and quality care for one and all. Well, perhaps not all, because you can bet the barn that the politicians would figure out how to exclude themselves from the inevitable grim realties confronting everyone else.

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