Fighting Back

Inform Your Friends: National Strike, April 15th – 18th

by Karen Quinn-Tostado, National Expositor

The NATIONAL STRIKE, April 15th – 18th, is NOT ABOUT tax evasion, anarchy, hatred, or political affiliation. It’s about clarification, education, accountability and integrity. Video at bottom of article.

Tax Free 15 – The Strike is about realizing that a well thought out and documented plan for global government has been in place for over 100 years, and in order to reach that goal, no country or people, could be left strong enough to think for themselves or remain independent of policies enacted by federal and local governments, all working together to achieve the bottom line; all funded by banking schemes and the families behind them, who own the banks and world governments already.

The Strike is about personal sovereignty, with the freedom to think for ourselves. We must recognize that we’ve all been exploited, lied to, and encouraged to give away our power to others who will make decisions concerning our lives, without our consent or approval: enforced through the military or police, if we refuse to comply. Our country spends over a billion dollars a week on war, while we lose our retirement funds, pension plans, health care benefits, and the purchasing power of our dollars, with our government using us for collateral on their huge debt, signing away our land and our future in order to keep borrowing.

The Strike is about our sons and daughters, taught to pledge their lives in defense of our country, sent to invade and occupy foreign lands without an official declaration of war by our congress, which is the only government body with the power to officially do so. “Here is a shocking statistic that you won’t hear in most western news media: over the past nine years, more US military personnel have taken their own lives than have died in action in either the wars in Iraq or Afghanistan. These are official figures from the US Department of Defense, yet somehow they have not been deemed newsworthy to report. Last year alone, more than 330 serving members of the US armed forces committed suicide – more than the 320 killed in Afghanistan and the 150 who fell in Iraq (see”*taken from:

We have lost our ability to think for ourselves, and believe we must be protected and taken care of by our government, instead of become self-sufficient within our communities. This is about enslavement, incrementally, with media brainwashing and misdirection on a global scale. Fluoride in our water, first used in Soviet Gulags and then Nazi concentration camps, was found to make prisoners more docile………….search that one for yourselves and do it before full internet censorship is called for in the name of fighting “terrorism”.

We have been trained to accept numerous toxins in our food supply: dyes, genetically manipulated food that is unlabeled, milk, related to every form of cancer and juvenile diabetes ( The China Study, by T. Collin Campbell”) is still actively promoted by well meaning but clueless celebrities, for whom profit is more important than learning about what they are actually promoting. Money has become our God.

Pharmaceutical companies do not make money off of healthy people with the full power of mental acuity. Think about all the drugs in your bathroom cabinet, and the fact that while doctors easily hand out prescriptions for those, the FDA is actively persecuting natural and holistic remedies, and limiting our access to them. Follow the money trail and open your minds. Could all of our toxic food also be adding to our problems? What is the FDA doing and how is it they allow this to happen? What about Vaccines? What is really falling from our skies in the form of chem trails? will give you more information on a subject we’ve been taught to dismiss Why is that?

Could weather modification exist? Does our government have the capability of causing earthquakes?

What is the real story about where all of our tax dollars go?

Could what we don’t know really be used against us???

Yes. And at the same time they distract us with American Idol, Glenn Beck, Fox, CNN, football games, and all the rest of useless celebrity gossip fed to us 24/7, they are killing us.

This is about propaganda on a global scale, with the objective of total enslavement for those of us who survive, and extermination for those of us who don’t. That is not an exaggeration.

Now I realize that many of those who read this will automatically dismiss it as conspiracy theories from a deranged mind. My challenge is this: Prove me wrong! Search for the Truth yourselves instead of allowing it to be turned into an insult. People speak of a third political party, well I think every political hopeful should first and foremost be a member of the Truther Party! And proud to be one! Seeking the Truth is a goal of people with high morals and integrity, but instead we’ve been trained to ridicule those who have enough courage to do so. That in itself should set off every alarm bell within your mind as an extreme example of doublespeak which must be exposed! We all deserve to take a “Time Out” and look at just how far we’ve fallen!!! We the People need a break in order to find out what’s really going on!!!! It’s time for a Patriotic Holiday for the People, prior to Patriot’s Day, because NOTHING IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN SAVING OUR COUNTRY AND OURSELVES!

Let’s take April 15-18, turn off our television sets, and do our own homework. Research these seemingly outrageous claims for ourselves. Go and the links page, follow your instincts, read and watch documentaries with your families, so you can make educated decisions. America: Freedom to Fascism found on the first page is a great place to start. and have up to date real news and well documented films available. is another great site.

At the very least ,you know in your hearts that something is terribly wrong with our country and our world, and our government has refused to listen to us or address our concerns.

As long as we go about our lives as usual, as long as we continue to give away our power by accepting what others tell us, instead of researching for ourselves, and as long as we continue to be deceived by partisan politics, we’ll continue to be part of the problem instead of part of the solution, paying the ultimate price with our children, many of whom are too young to research for themselves. They depend on us.

We have the God given Rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. If those ideals are important to us, if the fact that our constitution has been trampled is important to us, if Truth is important to us, especially since it is now being used as insult, instead of as a badge of courage and honor, than we must heed a call to peaceful non-compliance and action. If not for ourselves, then for our children and unborn descendants, who we’ve already condemned to debt slavery through our lack of challenging our government gone wild, and holding those accountable who have gambled on our compliance and won.

If these words have fanned the flame of freedom and true patriotism within your soul, stand with us. The four strike days are actually only 2 work days, Thursday and Friday, and then the weekend, with Patriot’s Day following on Monday the 19th. This gives everyone time to research my allegations, for even if only half of what I claim is true, it is way beyond acceptable and must be addressed. Set aside what you think you know in order to take the time with your families to learn and study history, our Constitution, and read the words and quotations of the people in power to learn what they really say about us. has an education page with quotations listed.

If our Constitution is important to you, then check out the Articles of Freedom at

National Strike Guidelines:

April 15-18 we are calling out to every individual, sovereign being in this country as well as around the world, who believes that true freedom, peace, and prosperity is important, to stand with us by withdrawing as much labor, support, and money as possible, from governments gone wild globally, for four consecutive days. If you feel that your job or schooling is necessary, then participate in the other steps.

Step 2 is an economic boycott of all corporate sponsored products and events during that time. Don’t buy anything, unless it’s from a locally owned Mom & Pop shop. Keep your money in your pocket and help us send a clear message to the offshore bankers who own our government that “WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR DEBT!

This step is encouraged to happen the 15th of every month, as a reminder of our goal and to garner support until our numbers and our message is no longer able to be ignored by the privately owned media, and “We the People” take our rightful place as the overseer’s of our lives and our governments .

Step 3 is to withdraw our money from large corporate banks: Citi Bank, Bank of America, etc, and consider supporting small local banks or credit unions, or even starting our own community banks. Think about getting off the grid, storable food, water filters, and what you need in order to protect your homes and your families.

Last but not least, ask WHY? Why are we allowing our government to spend over a billion dollars a week on war while they take our homes and want to tax us for breathing?

Why are we allowing our Constitution to be ignored?

Why are we supporting politicians who lie to us? Education is key! Please take the time to read this article and forward the link:


Participate in the online educational programs about the Constitution and the Articles of Freedom that will be offered during the NATIONAL STRIKE days. What could be more Patriotic than well educated Americans, empowered, and standing for Freedom, together, as we rebuild our country from the inside out? And how can we educate ourselves unless we step back and grant ourselves the opportunity to do that TOGETHER, AS ONE PEOPLE?

Now you know the reasons for our strike. As long as we continue to go about business as usual, nothing will change. A peaceful disruption of our daily lives is necessary and urgent considering the threat of another war and more taxes based on the lies of global warming, another topic that must be explored before we pay for the privilege of breathing or believe our exhalation is toxic, while overlooking private planes and limousines used by politicians at our expense, literally! It is time to turn off our televisions and turn our attention to online sources of real education.





And that’s all there is to it! Feel free to use this article as you see fit. Encourage people to join us on our weekly conference calls Wednesday evenings at 7 pm pacific, and Saturday mornings 11 am pacific. 712-775-7200 access code 431669#