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TSA To Make Full Body Scans Mandatory At US Airports

from eCanadaNow

In a new attempt to curb terrorism on airplanes and in airports, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) announced this week that they plan on making full body scanners mandatory. The full body scanners, which produce an image and show any object carried by an individual, are already in use at several airports across the country.

One of the largest concerns regarding flying and traveling for many individuals is the threat of terrorism and suicide bombers. After 911 and various other terrorist attempts, the TSA finally feels that the full body scanners will be a huge deterrent in preventing future attacks.

While 21 airports across the country have already purchased at least one full body scanner, some are concerned that the cost of installing the body scanners will prevent many airports from getting one. The scanners that are approved for use by the TSA will cost anywhere between $130,000 and $170,000. Despite the cost, the TSA has planned on sending more of the machines to airports across the country.

The new body scan process has received other criticism saying that it will drastically delay the boarding and security time. Unless airports receive multiple scanners, security lines are likely to increase in length.