Wow! Health Care from MoveOn

Posted: March 17th, 2010 by Militant Libertarian

The MoveOn/TrueMajority Scam

Dear MoveOn member,

Wow! Since Monday, MoveOn members have pledged over $1 million to support progressive primary challengers to House Democrats who vote against health care reform. That’s incredible.

But with the final vote just days away, the House is still short a handful of votes.

So we’re setting an ambitious new goal to keep the momentum building: $2 million in pledges by Friday. That’s a serious sum for any challenger, and will make conservative Democrats think twice before casting a vote.

My Move On Please Response to MoveOn

Wow, that’s impressive. You got a bunch of progressive idiots to pledge $1 million towards promising candidates that they’ll get a windfall of cash if they vote for health care reform. Obviously, bribery might work. It’s worked in Washington since the beginning, after all. So even bribing legislators to vote for something that will, ultimately, lead to civil war is possible of you can promise enough cash.

Here’s something interesting that those legislators should think about: pledges are not money, they are promises to pay money.

Since progressives love their credit cards, this money being promised is nothing more than more promises to pay, just like they promised their VISA they would pay their personal debt, China that we will pay our national debt, and their moms that they would pay her Social Security. In the end, they will probably default.

It’s helpful to note that most progressives are located in blue states like California. You know, the states going bankrupt because of their progressive policies and over spending? Oh, and in California instead of paying out tax refunds – money OWED to taxpayers – they sent out IOUs instead. Official California State pledges to pay you back.. eventually.

Keep that in mind when you view these pledges they’re offering you as bribes to vote for what will, without a doubt, mark your last day in office and the likely reason you’ll need to become a Mexican or Canadian national to avoid reprisals.

Americans are tired of the left coast running our show and we’re tired of you people in D.C. thinking that you can take all the bribe money you want from various special interests while you sell us up the river.

So, if you want to keep some kind of life for yourself and avoid political ruin, indignities like having to grab a suitcase and sneak out of your house in the middle of the night to take the late plane to somewhere not-America, then here’s my advice:

Tell Nanci Pelosi and her California dimwits that they can do all the universal healthcare they want.. IN CALIFORNIA. The rest of us are tired of their antics and aren’t putting up with them any longer. We don’t need Massachussetts on a national scale. Many of us will refuse to participate in a national scheme for health care and several states have made it clear they will opt themselves out – even if it means secession.

Think about that before you vote. It’s worth a lot more than those promises to pay the progressives are hyping at you.


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