Militant Rants

Both Wyoming Senators Talk About the EPA and the DOI on Energy

by Aaron Turpen, Examiner

Both Senators Enzi and Barrasso have talked about the Environmental Protection Agency’s energy policy and their policies that direct the Department of the Interior.  Both Senators are critical of the way that the EPA and the DOI negatively impact Wyoming’s energy.

In a letter to the EPA from both Senators as well as Representative Lummis (WY-10), the Wyoming delegation blasted the DOI’s policies (as directed by the EPA’s emissions rulings) and how they will negatively affect Wyoming energy, jobs, and production.

Back in January, you may recall, I was critical of the EPA/DOI rules and how they were to affect Wyoming.  My basic claim was that Wyoming’s Energy is Wyoming’s Energy and the EPA can go play in traffic.

Now, Senator Barrasso has appeared in Human Events where he is quoted as saying

“When the Majority [Democrats] created the Subcommittee on Oversight, it was stated that they planned and I quote ‘to use the subcommittee to explore ways to restore scientific integrity at the EPA and other federal agencies focused on the environment, and to strengthen environmental protections by once again making the regulatory process more transparent.”

What the SEnator was referring to was the report on the U.S. Senate floor which criticized the EPA’s ignorance of science when attempting to enforce environmental policies centered on carbon dioxide emissions and global warming.  Given the basis for the EPA’s findings, which were mostly cited through both NASA and the UN’s IPCC, have been under fire for falsifications of data and manipulation of science for political purposes, however, the EPA’s footing is shaky at best.

Senator Barrasso cited specific incidents of secret meetings, the hushing up of whistleblowers, and partisan politics as the rule of the day in the climate debate in Washington.  Meanwhile, the EPA seeks to enforce junk science.

Barrasso was particularly miffed that the meeting in question, in which he was a participant, was held apparently as nothing more than an attempt to placate Republicans and create the illusion of a bi-partisan finding.  Directly after the meeting, President Obama issued a White House statement that basically left policy intact without any change.

As with most politics involving the global warming question, it appears that science is only a tool to be manipulated and used towards political ends.

With questions about the data used by NASA, the IPCC, the Anglia’s CRU, and others, it would seem appropriate not to take drastic, job-killing, life-changing measures to curb something that we are still very much unsure is happening.

Given the recent legislation the governor has signed, both a declaration of Wyoming’s independence from Washington as a sovereign State and the Firearms Freedom Act that gives penalties for federal agents breakng Wyoming law, it would seem that our state is poised to tell the bureaucrats in D.C. to leave us alone.  Hopefully, this extends to our views on energy as well.