When All Else Fails

Wyoming’s – NRA little brother the WSSA exposes its true colors

by Anthony Bouchard, Examiner

Recently WSSA President made fraudulent and misleading statements about involvement with the Wyoming Firearms Freedom Act and WyGO / Wyoming Gun Owners.

Mr. Spungin President of the Wyoming State Shooting Association (WSSA) either intentionally lied or is completely ignorant about what is really going on. Sound like a harsh statement? See for yourself…

In a rant by Mr. Spungin, he stated the following:

“With all due respect to WYGO and its handful of supporters, it, and they, do not understand the Wyoming legislative process very well. One does not come charging in out of nowhere, unleash a volley of e-mails, and expect immediate results. The process is much more subtle. WSSA understands the process very well, which is why we are able to get results. Wyoming Firearms Freedom Act had very little to do with WYGO. WSSA has been working on it since last spring. We have established long term personal relationships with many of our Senators and Representatives. These are good people who feel pretty much like we do. We never pressure them to do anything they would not really want to do anyway. We provide encouragement and support. By the time the legislature starts its session, most of the lobbying; the most effective part, has already been accomplished.”

He also stated this in an email:

…Yes, I did post that. I am president of the Wyoming State Shooting Assn. WSSA and what I said is true. We are the NRA affiliate in Wyoming… – Mark Spungin

We see behavior like this for a variety of reasons however, SPEWING LIES on this level is intolerable and the membership of WSSA should be appalled…to say the least.

What has been revealed here by Mr. Spungins rant is that he doesn’t have a clue of what happened at the last session and this proves that not only has the NRA lost its bite but little brother NRA groups like the WSSA have lost their ability to be effective at state level legislation.

THE BRUTAL TRUTH, if the WSSA was on top of things there would be no need for WyGO to exist, but as revealed by their own words they have become part of the problem. Just look at their statement and at the political arena, it’s organizations with faulty leadership that have gotten us to where we are right now…politics as usual played by the establishment, YES…that means lobby groups too.

I want to be very clear here – Mr. Spungin threw stones at the ONLY GUN RIGHTS ORGANIZATION THAT GOT SOMETHING DONE and it would be wise for members of WSSA to join organizations that really fight to protect gun rights like WyGO / Wyoming Gun Owners.

As the Director of WyGO I personally assisted with the draft of HB-95 Wyoming Firearms Freedom Act and the funny thing is I don’t remember Mr. Spungin being involved. But even more crushing is the fact that Mr. Spungin diminishes the fact that WyGO and its MEMBERS led the grassroots movement to pass this legislation.

Lastly, the following statement deserves your attention:

“Mr. Bouchard you and your organization have been beyond instrumental with HB-95 the Wyoming Firearms Freedom Act, much thanks to you and your members” – Representative Allen Jaggi

Why did Mr. Spungin/WSSA attack WyGO? You decide.