Fighting Back

Lots of Great FWR Stuff Uploaded

The show archives at Free West Radio have been updated to bring them entirely up-to-date.  I highly recommend Dale’s show, but the following are some real gems from the recent past:

Dale Williams hosts open phone forums (03/22) – Post mortem on what little liberty we had left. Why there is reason to rejoice at the passage of the“Affordable Healthcare for America Act.” It may spell the death of our one-party system, clearing the way for the birth of New America. In hour 2, the defiance hour continues with a visit by’s site administrator Aaron Turpen (as in The Militant Libertarian), as well as many great K-Talk callers.

Dale Williams interviews Dr. Kevin Barrett (03/16) – Dale entertains the inimitable Dr. Kevin Barrett for the full 2 hours of the program. Dr. Barrett is an Arabist and Islamologist. A deeply spiritual presence on the radio, Dr. Barrett is a fearless foe of the Israeli/Neocon contrivance known as the “War on Terror.” Second hour at this link.

Dale Williams interviews Mike Gaddy (03/15) – Though the host may be barely audible, the important information in this interview with 30-year U.S. Army vet Mike Gaddy comes through loud and clear. Mike is a special operations veteran and completed his career with a five year stint at the N.S.A. The day after his last interview with Dale, Mike was visited by the F.B.I.; a visit which, among other things, seemed tailored to convey the Government’s displeasure with Mike’s First Amendment-protected activities on the internet. What a Country.  Special thanks to Lori Rogue for helping with this show.

Dale Williams interviews Dr. Edwin Vieira (03/02) – Dale’s second interview with Dr. Edwin Vieira. After an interval of about a year, Dr. Vieira returns to the program. If you hope for a New America, this is the one broadcast hour you won’t want to miss.

Dale Williams interviews W.N. Grigg (02/23) – Dale interviews William Norman Grigg. Another classic.