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Norden – Glory in Flames

from Militant Reviews

Norden (meaning “North” or “from the North”) is a Viking Metal band from Poland. They’ve been around for quite a while, but have only this one full-length album to their credit. I’d say that their generally unexceptional talent base is probably the reason they haven’t gotten far as a band.

Their vocals carry on in a monotone while their monotonous music carries through without much flare. Listening to the entire record is a mind-numbing experience with little to excuse itself. One of my favorite types of music is Viking Metal and readers of Militant Reviews will note that a lot of my reviews have been of Viking and Folk Metal. This band is very Viking, but not very metal. Only in a few songs (such as the one below) is there anything resembling decent solo guitar or musical talent.

As you can probably tell, I’m thoroughly unimpressed with Norden and definitely don’t recommend anyone buy their music. There are a few download sites around the ‘Net where it can be retrieved for free and the entire Glory in Flames album is on YouTube as well.