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Anatomy of a Fake Tea Party Patriot

by John Ozberkmen, National Expositor

The Tea Party has become an establishment group that is redirecting its supporters back into the mainstream Republican Party. Patriots in name only show us who they really are through their actions. Here is just one example of an establishment representative masquerading as a Tea Party patriot.

It is generally known that the Republican party in Utah is very worried about the freedom movement taking shape. The dissatisfaction of the people in Utah is being dealt with by an establishment effort to appear to support states’ rights. You can put lipstick on a pig… but it’s still an establishment anti-constitutional pig.

Attorney General, Mark Shurtleff, was the keynote speaker at the Tea Party Express in Utah this weekend. He usually shows up as the token establishment leader of Tea Party events in Utah. General Shurtleff is also leading the charge against Obamacare, portraying himself as a freedom fighter against federal tyranny. Even local NBC affiliate KSL admits General Shurtleff is being positioned as the national poster boy for the lawsuit against Obamacare. But what is General Shurtleff’s political history? Does he know the proper role of government under the Constitution?

As Attorney General for the state of Utah, Mark Shurtleff has tried to position himself as a powerful player. He has always been known as more of a lobbyist pushing for unconstitutional state legislation than just an acting A.G.

According to local watch dog group, Accountability Utah, Shurtleff has led the charge against innocent families and babies in the womb, ignored criminal behavior by government agents, and pursued pet projects such as property confiscation schemes against innocent owners and thought crimes legislation.

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General Shurtleff violently opposes peer reviewed scientific papers
U.S. CODE > TITLE 18 > PART I > CHAPTER 115 > § 2382
§ 2382. Misprision of treason

Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States and having knowledge of the commission of any treason against them, conceals and does not, as soon as may be, disclose and make known the same to the President or to some judge of the United States, or to the governor or to some judge or justice of a particular State, is guilty of misprision of treason and shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than seven years, or both.

Mark Shurtleff Against Natural Parental Rights

If you’re not familiar with the Parker Jensen case in Utah, here is what happened: In 2003, twelve year old Parker Jensen was diagnosed with cancer. Parker’s Utah doctor insisted the boy be subjected to chemotherapy. When the parents resisted and tried to seek second opinions, expressing a desire to consider alternative therapies to chemo, the doctor filed a complaint with the Utah Division of Child and Family Services (DCFS) who moved rapidly to take custody of the child from the parents. The parents fled the state rather than submit to this derogation of parental rights. The State, in turn, charged the parents with kidnapping and got the FBI involved, who used their ample surveillance tools to quickly track down the parents in Idaho. P&S

Riding in to champion the right of the state, General Shurtleff somehow believed he was Parker’s father. “I am very frustrated because I feel it’s my duty to protect the life of Parker, even though his parents won’t… If he dies, it’s on my conscience.” —Attorney General Mark Shurtleff to an audience of Utah State University College Republicans.

With General Shurtleff’s obivous love for Parker in hand he viciously went after the Jensens. When The Jensens sought help for their son Parker with alternative medicine at the Burzynski cancer clinic. “The Utah Attorney General’s Office and Guardian ad Litem’s (GAL) Office ordered three licensed and registered doctors of Western medicine at the Burzynski Clinic to violate their Hippocratic Oath and to deny Parker “any form of treatment”.

Eventually the Jensens beat the state. They did not have to submit to state sanctioned kidnapping and forced medical treatments. Parker is a young man with no health problems now. But the state Attorney General’s Office under Shurtleff had to shake their finger one last time. “The [Jensen] case, which is being viewed by parents-rights groups as a landmark decision, won’t set a precedent… It is completely fact-specific and should not be taken as a sign that families who are in a similar situation will win and the state will just walk away,” said Mark May, head of child protection with the state Attorney General’s Office.

Mark Shurtleff Against your Natural Right to Private Property

In 2003 General Shurtleff heavily lobbied the Utah State Legislature for the passage of Senate bill 31. SB 31 was an asset forfeiture bill that would have allowed the state of Utah to confiscate anyone’s private property before being convicted of any crime, without a trial by jury. The proceeds of the confiscations would then go to the police that stole the property.

General Shurtleff held a press conference to gain support for SB31. According to Accountability Utah, “After the last speaker, the press conference was shut down which allowed General Shurtleff to evade hard questions that could have been, and would have been asked.” Seeing the opposition talking to the press after the conference, General Shurtleff came over to confront them. “General Shurtleff approached me and wanted to know why I had been silent. I told him that I had addressed about 100 people last weekend in the meeting in which bill sponsor John Valentine withdrew his support. A lively interchange ensued, and he asked if I was willing to work the bill with him to protect property owners and direct forfeiture proceeds to police. I told him that directing proceeds to the police was an unacceptable conflict of interest. Since I was unable to “help” him on his terms, he walked off. Shurtleff then attempted to insult Daniel Newby, a prominent opponent of Shurtleff’s attack on your right to own property. Upon being challenged for behaving like a legislator, Shurtleff stated, “you Daniel Newby, who have never had one bit of life experience, who sits in his ivory tower…” Since when is respecting and understanding a natural, God given right to private property, sitting in an “Ivory Tower?”

According to General Shurtleff, Constitutional pricinples are best left to the “radical few.” Shurtleff concluded his press conference asking the “legislature to not just listen to that radical few, who call law enforcement Gestapo, who are conspiracy theorists, who misrepresent the truth and the facts, and try and convince them [the legislators] that we are trying to go after innocent property owners.” Yes, don’t listen to those silly people who care about due process and defend natural rights. General Shurtleff lost his unconstitutional property seizure battle after his press conference received negative media coverage. Support for SB31 fell shortly thereafter.

General Shurtleff Does Not Support Freedom of Thought
Here are just a few quotes from Mark Shurtleff on his support of thought crime bills in Utah.

There are only three or four states left who don’t have one [i.e. thought crimes statute], and for me, that’s an embarrassment.” — General Mark Shurtleff

Those crimes that are most damaging to society are the crimes based on the fact that you might be a woman, or a black, or a homosexual. My agenda is to protect the public.” General Mark Shurtleff, regarding this year’s attempt to pass thought crimes legislation (HB 68). And what of the members of the public who are not black, a woman, or a homosexual? Should they take their places in the back of the bus?
Source: “House panel guts hate crimes bill before killing it,” Rebecca Walsh, Salt Lake Tribune, Feb. 20, 2004.

In typical establishment fashion, General Shurtleff says one thing, then behind the scenes does another.

“I will unequivocably defend the rights of the unborn.” — General Mark Shurtleff. Oh really? Under Shurtleff’s direction, his employee, Assistant Attorney General Doug Springmeyer, helped to draft two administrative “rulings” for the Utah Department of Health that would force taxpayers to fund abortions on demand. See our alert for more information.
Source: General Shurtleff’s campaign website at

Shurtleff is not someone that believes he needs to follow the Constitution.

My job is to enforce the laws, I don’t make the laws.” — General Mark Shurtleff. If his job is to enforce, not make laws, why does he lobby for legislation like thought crimes, property confiscation, increased powers for DCFS, etc? He shadows legislators so closely, even lobbyists seem jealous.
Source: “Attorney general hopefuls spar in Dixie,” Nancy Perkins, Deseret News, Oct. 8, 2004.

This is just one example of the many establishment politicians representing themselves as Tea Partiers. If this is the kind of leader the Tea Party is supporting then who needs the Tea party? The Tea Party movement has obviously been co-opted. General Shurtleff is now carrying the torch for Utah against Obamacare. Last week Judge Napolitano sounded the alarm that the state lawsuits against Obamacare are a ruse meant to fail. Isn’t General Shurtleff the perfect candidate to lead the charge for losing this important fight to the establishment agenda?
It’s time for patriots and freedom lovers to recoginize what has happened to the Tea Party. We need to go back to the “End the Fed” Movement. It would be much more difficult for the establishment to divert End the Fed groups since the goal is built into the title. I encourage everyone to dump the co-opted tea party and support citizen candidates and real grassroots groups. End the Fed,Campaign for Liberty, We are Change , Tax Free 15, Dr Vieira’s Committees of Safety, Appleseed Project – As AJ says, don’t wait for orders from headquarters… Go, Go, Go!

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