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Say “Thanks” to Nanci Pelosi Like the Insurance Co’s Did

from MoveOn/TrueMajority Scam

Dear MoveOn member,

With all the excitement around the passage of health care, you might have missed this: a big story in The New York Times showing how the bold leadership of progressives in Congress, led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, is a key reason health care reform is a reality today.1

After the Massachusetts election, the article says, Democrats were in disarray. White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel was pushing a plan to severely scale back reform.

But led by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, progressives stood up to fight.2 When MoveOn members looked to Democrats to “fight, not fold,” Pelosi was right there with us.

Speaker Pelosi’s leadership was critical—and with the recent right-wing health care backlash, it’s important that progressives show we’ve got her back. Can you add your name to our thank you card to Speaker Pelosi today? Click the link below to sign the card:


I wasn’t going to include the link above, but after writing this, I decided to leave it in so you can go and sign a “FU VERY MUCH” card like I did.

So here’s the deal. Supposedly, according to these Progressive Democrat money laundering groups like MoveOn, Nancy is now a hero for winning us health care reform.

I’m not even going to talk about the health care reform bill other than to say it doesn’t reform anything except how you get robbed to pay for health care. What I am going to talk about is lobbying and political donations.

You see, Nancy Pelosi received more money from health insurance lobbyists than any other politician last year. It was the third-largest contribution bloc to her campaign coffers, in fact. They also donated to the tune of $3.4 million in the last election cycle to the DCCC (California’s Democrapic Campaign Committee).

During the health care debate, Nancy held a little invitational dinner at her husband’s $25 million dollar winery to which only those who had donated the maximum-allowable $30,400 to her beloved DCCC were invited. You know, common folk who just happen to have 30 large hanging around.

You know what amazes the hell out of me? I got all this information from a website that you would think would be head over heels in love with Nancy Pelosi and the other socialists in Washington: The World Socialist Website. HA!