USA: Police State

Stupak and Conyers

by Karen De Coster

Michigan Democrat Bart Stupak has turned and ran with his tail between his legs. There was quite a stir over the story about Stupak selling his votes on the health care scam. These guys have not come to realize that in this day and age, where Boobus is waking up and stepping up, there are consequences as a result of their actions. Stupak did not want to contemplate an election he wouldn’t win after the ObamaCare backlash.

Meanwhile, the Detroit Marxist congressman John Conyers is not the least bit concerned about his reputation after his wife Monica Conyers, the chairwoman of the Detroit City Council, was sent to prison for selling Detroit to line her own pockets.

Monica Conyers initially opposed the Synagro contract with the city but later reversed her position and cast the critical vote approving it. Her reversal caused uproar inside the city council, and federal investigators soon began looking into allegations of payoffs surrounding her vote.

Monica Conyers has been known for her outrageously bad behavior and trash talk. Just to give you an idea of what the Conyers household is like, watch this video of a freakish Monica Conyers outburst at a Detroit City Council meeting. Note the audio at the very end.

Hat Tip: Gadget42