Militant Rants

Cap and Trade? Nah, Now It’s Cap and Dividend

by Aaron Turpen, EVMeme

Well, the clowns in the Senate are working hard to make sure that you end up with some kind of do-gooder climate b.s. legislation whether you want it or not.  With Cap and Trade all but scuttled, the creativity of our wealth redistribution experts in Washington knows no bounds.  This time, they realize that in order to get their CO2-control mechanism in place, they’re going to have to resort to the basics.  Knowing how Washington runs, they realized that the only way to get this through is to bribe us.

So that’s the plan.  Cap and Dividend.

The idea has been fielded by Senators Cantwell and Collins as the Cantwell-Collins Act.  They spent a bunch of time working out a happy-happy, joy-joy title and acronym for it, the Carbon Limits and Energy for America’s Renewal Act.  Yep, it’s the Visin…er.. CLEAR Act.  You can read it in all its putrid glory here.

Hereinafter, it will be referred to by its proper name: the Better Resort to Instinct and Bribe Em Act ( BRIBE Act).

The plan is to put a cap on all Greenhouse Gases (GHGs), auction off their rights to businesses in the U.S., and then split the money evenly amongst citizens (aka Social Security Numbers) and send us a check.  Besides the obvious logistical problems and the very obvious way this will choke off any new and emerging businesses with little spare cash to purchase a bunch of pretend credits, this bill has some other serious flaws.

Most of those flaws, as usual, have to do with the way our government runs.

How long do you think it would take for the Congress to realize that this creates a huge chunk of change that they don’t get to “fairly appropriate?”  Rarely does a dollar pass through Washington that some do-gooder hasn’t seized, manipulated, and turned into ten cents before sending it to its rightful owner.

I mean, is it “fair” for all Americans – even the rich ones – to get this fat dividend check every year? Wouldn’t the money be better spent on the poor, the unclothed, the underfed, and whatnot?  Have a heart, you a-hole!  Obviously, you rich SUV-driving jackasses in suburbia don’t deserve this money – you don’t care about the environment, after all.  It should instead be sent to organizations and people who really need it and who will use it for even more Public Good sorts of stuff.  You know, like [insert pet pork project/bridge-to-nowhere/trickle-down-to-my-largest-contributor here].

Were this bill to pass, the above paragraph encapsulates most of the very obvious and heart-wrenching (they’ll find some poor sobs to trot out to illustrate each needy point) b.s. they’ll use to make sure that these dividends are never actually sent to anyone but them.  They’ll exempt themselves, of course, because they are, well, hard-working public servants.  Right?  They opted out of the big healthcare plan, they’ll opt out of having to give up their fair share of these dividends too.

At any rate, that’s the gist of the BRIBE Act as I see it.  It’s a load of horse puke and I’d be willing to bet that only the usual suspects in America will fall for it.  It solves no problems, creates nothing but new ones, and, in the end, hinders both the economy and growth.  A stupid idea all around.

For the record, Maria Cantwell is a 2-term Democratic Senator from Washington State and Susan Collins is a 3-term Republican Senator from Maine.  Like most members of Congress, they deserve a swift kick in the ass.