How The GUNvernment Internet Industrial Complex Will Ruin The Interwebs

Posted: April 21st, 2010 by Militant Libertarian

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Here we see a few screeds from Paul Venezia and Robert X. Cringely begging and pleading for the GUNvernment to use the
unconstitutional alphabet-soup agency more commonly known as the FCC to meddle in the World Wide Web of Intertubes.
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These Net Neutrality folks are all wrong, very wrong.

The free market does not create monopolies.

GUNvernments create monopolies.

Example: Big Tobacco uses GUNvernment guns to keep competitors from being sold at Walmart.

Some historical prospective.

Cause: Alcohol Prohibition

Effect: Al Copone and his cronies made millions by using GUNvernment prohibition to oppress the competition.

Cause: Substance Prohibition

Effect: MS-13 and other violent gangs sell prohibited items and substances and again…GUNvernment is their unwitting
partner in crime.

Cause: GUNvernment Regulation of devices and methods of communicative efforts between human beings.

Effect: Lack of competition in marketplace. Witness the regional monopolies of Big Utilities. Big Electricity. Big
Natural Gas. Big Television. Big Radio. Big Telephone. Etc.

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What’s more, these folks are actually falling into the clever trap of the very entities they seek to control via the
GUNvernment FCC gun-barrels. You do remember the tale of Brier Rabbit don’t you?

Big Internet wants nothing more than to see the GUNvernment FCC rule over the Interwebs with an iron fist. Big Internet
ALREADY has the GUNvernment AND the FCC in its back pocket. Venezia and Cringely even admit as much when they point out
the efforts of the lobbyists for Big Content.

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Here are the screeds. Decide for yourself but keep this in mind. The GUNvernment claims the authority and jurisdiction
to regulate each and every flush of your toilet. Do you really want those bastards in charge of your interwebs?

Screeds Away!

Paul Venezia commentary regurgitated at PCWorld:

Paul Venezia commentary at InfoWorld:

Paul Venezia again:

Robert X. Cringely:

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