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Government stimulus that fits in your pocket

from MoveOn/TrueMajority Scam

If you’re like 98% of Americans, and the odds are very good that you are, you probably got a tax cut this year.

And if that cut was bigger than your tax payment, you’re probably getting a rebate check in the mail right about now. That’s right, despite all the tea party protests and crazy-talk from conservatives, the truth is that 98% of us are getting more FROM the government than we’re giving to it.

My TrueMajority response to TrueMajority:

Uhh.. Beyond the obvious, basic economics you’ve completely missed there (if 98% of Americans are getting MORE from government than they paid in… 2% are covering the difference?)..

Beyond that, there’s the outright lie that 98% of people are getting refunds equal to or larger than what they “paid in” via income tax. That’s just total bullshit, no way around it. TrueMajority blatantly lied here.

First, theIRS (that’s the proper spelling) lists the credits available for the 2009 filing season here.

You’ll see by theIRS’ own Filing Season Statistics that total receipts are down 2.77% from Tax Year 2008 as of 4/10/10.

This means that fewer people are filing (or paying). That’s all it can mean. Further down the columns, you’ll see the telling figure that blows TrueMajority’s claim out of the water, though.

Under the “Total Refunds” column, look across for the three months reported thus far and what do you see? A negative trend from TY 2008-2009. A -4.8% trend over the three months (averaged).

This means that fewer people are getting a refund, not “more” as TrueMajority claims.

Of course, nobody at TrueMasocialists will bother to read this or check up on the TrueMabullshit numbers to see how they add up. They’ll just blindly follow along and regurgitate the information at the next Tea Party activist or struggling small business owner who’s complaining about the tax burden.

Like good little parrots of the Progressive Agenda for handing America over to the Elites entirely.