When All Else Fails

Pray, Please Pray for the Life of Our Mother

by J. Speer-Williams

When it’s “fourth down and long” most football teams will punt, and hope for the best.

When you’re trailing with seconds left to play, most quarterbacks will throw a “Hail Mary” and pray for divine intervention.

With the greatest petro-cataclysm in recorded history facing us in the Gulf of Mexico, we all – Christian or not –religious or not – need to pray for the divine and loving intercession of the Holy Mother – Mary, to save us, and all other life forms, from what could be the final and irreversible end of life on planet Earth.

I’ve read that one quart of motor oil makes 250,000 gallons of ocean water toxic to all marine and wildlife. And, with a million, or more, gallons of crude oil, a week, gushing from the volcanic eruption in the Gulf, how long will it be before all of our oceans are dead?

We need clean, healthy oceans to maintain the proper oxygen levels in our atmosphere, in order to sustain life throughout our world.

And what happens when we have petroleum laced hurricanes and floods on our Gulf Coasts of Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida? The air itself will be poisoned.

Whether or not the dark operatives of the International Monetary/Banking Cartel (the racists at war with the entire human race) have brought about this wholly unprecedented catastrophe, either through ignorance, or by design, for their own pathological and cryptic reasons, is not now of utmost importance.

Mankind can somehow survive with the tyranny, pestilence, poverty, wars and tortures imposed on us by our central governments, but we cannot survive with a dead Mother Earth.

What is important now is we all pray to our God.

Brothers and sisters pray, please pray for the life of our Mother.