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Gordon Duff: Times Square Bombing Part of CIA False Flag Against Pakistan

by Gordon Duff, VetsToday



By Unattributed Intelligence Sources for Veterans Today

Foreword by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Veterans Today realized some time ago that Pakistan would be the key to US security.  Toward that end, we formed a partnership with Opinion-Maker (, one of the most influential publications in that country and one that takes courageous stands in a country new to democracy.  Jeff Gates and I traveled to Pakistan this spring at the initiation of VT co-editor Raja Mujtaba.  While in Pakistan, we were briefed by the highest levels of the military and intelligence communities in what were frank and open exchanges.  These exchanges were open to a degree where considerable trust was shared and much of the information given could never be released.    Those agreements related to the lives and safety of American and Pakistani soldiers in the field and were based on relationships of honor and trust.  Those promises will be kept.

I can still tell my grandchildren that I had dinner with former ISI Chief Hameed Gul and tea with Colonel Imam, the famed intermediary with the Mujahideen now missing and presumed held prisoner by the Taliban.  In military circles, being able to claim former Chairman of Pakistan’s Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Sirohey a friend or being consulted by former Head of the Army General Beg is well up the “name dropping” scale.  It isn’t who you meet, it is what is done, what is contributed that counts.  Toward that end, these individuals and those we can’t name, along with Raja Mujtaba’s associates led by military strategist and author BG Asif Haroon Raja, Jeff and I felt we had a rare privilege and a rare look into the inner workings of Pakistan’s intelligence community.

Our point was to make sure everyone could take the gloves off and let fly, say what they thought and not play journalist or whatever it is when America sends officials into Pakistan to be told what they want to hear.  Lack of status has its rewards at times and this was one of those rare times when views and doubts could be expressed and shared.  This leads us to the document below.  What is it?

It comes from Pakistan and bears the seal of approval of, well, I know where it comes from.  How it is taken and what is done is another story.  I have been assured that witnesses, recordings and such exist.  I recognize the methodologies used and attributed to American intelligence agencies.  I also see the untold hand of India and Israel, names not included for reason of, frankly, survival.

The reader can see truth if it is there or, as so often is the case, see truth but feel overwhelmed and helpless, knowing that America can be duplicitous and that nothing is as it seems.  You are going to be told that the CIA is responsible for the Time Square bombing, knows as the “Time Square Fizzler.”  Many suspected it, the CIA or the CIA with their constant companions in idiocy, the Israeli Mossad, a name that no official in Pakistan will mention to their paymasters in Washington for fear of offense.

No mention of a 65 billion dollar per year drug trade is made either but I strongly suggest that, where appropriate, a texture, a backdrop be constructed that includes mercenary contractors, Mossad and RAW agents and a sea of drug cash.  The story itself is simple, a tale of betrayal.  Why would the US have an intelligence agency involved in such convoluted plots as seen below?  What is the role of Israel or India?  How much of what is going on is driven by so many other concerns, not just drugs but religion, jealousy and hate?

What is clear, or should be is that what is done, what has been done did not serve the security of the United States.  Another agenda was there.  Security services that Americans pay tens, even hundreds of billions of dollars per year to be protected by have, for decades, often answered to a different call, one related to power, criminalism and deceit.  Our culture is filled with such stories, none will be unfamiliar.

We can pretend it is just movie.  Keep telling yourself this.

And the story opens as follows:

BEEP: Bloody CIA agent Hamid Mir exposed (WITH TAPED AUDIO CALL)
Today at 7:51am
This looks like a tale of fiction and movies. But this is a real life drama unfolding in Pakistan around us.

The secret web of betrayal and treachery – The untold story of Khalid Khawaja, Hamid Mir, Mullah Barader and Faisal Shehzad

Any links between the three?? Seems impossible! But not in this high stakes State-sponsored dirty, sinister world of covert ops, double agents, sting operations and assassinations.

Lets start the story:

Americans have been trying to play a sinister game. They had penetrated into the ranks of Afghan Taliban especially into the Popalzai tribe and had cultivated a high level Afghan Taliban leader to be pitched against Mullah Umer. Basically, CIA was creating a “coup” within Taliban. Hold your breath, sit back and prepare yourself to know who this secret “CIA asset” within the Taliban was.. It was Mullah Barader! Yes, the same one captured in Karachi by ISI and US is desperate to have him.

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