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Over $50 Billion NOT Lost due to Software Piracy

by Jeremy LaCroix, ITNewsToday

Piracy is obviously a huge concern in pretty much every function of IT, and to make matters worse report released this week claims that over $50 billion was lost due to piracy last year, and includes piracy rates broken down by location with Asia unsurprisingly leading the pack when it comes to software counterfeiting. Are these claims true? While it’s no question that Asia has a piracy problem, I highly doubt it.

I have a lot of pet peeves, and people wanting things without paying for them is near the top of my list. With my side business, a great amount of calls I get are from people looking for a “cheap copy” of Windows or other kinds of software (despite the fact that I advertise that I don’t sell software). When computers are brought to me for repair, I have to turn some of them away if they have bootleg copies of Windows installed. My personal favorite is when I get a call from someone saying that a “Genuine Advantage” popup keeps appearing, and if I can make it go away if they slip me some cash. I turn them away, but it is a very annoying thing to deal with that I’m sure a large number of freelance technicians deal with.

There is one thing that annoys me even more than freeloaders blowing up my phone whenever I advertise my computer repair services; stupid reports like the one released this week about piracy that I mentioned above. Where do these clowns come up with their facts? Do they have any actual practical computer industry knowledge at all?

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