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It’s Official: U.S. Government Website Declares There Are No Conspiracies

by David Kramer, LRC

Last week I posted a video commercial from the CFR that promotes all of the “wonderful” things it does. Now, the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of International (Dis-)Information Programs website has a whole page called, “Conspiracy Theories and Misinformation.” No, gang, there’s nothing on the page about Weapons of Mass Deception Destruction, the Warren Commission Whitewash Report, or how the “Federal” Reserve causes—not prevents—inflation. The site is referring to “misinformation” that many conspiracy researchers have been dispensing in books, radio and TV shows, blog sites, etc. for the past decades.

By the way, according to this website, I guess Murray Rothbard must have been a “Marxist”:

“Economic conspiracy theories are often based on the false, but popular, idea that powerful individuals are motivated overwhelmingly by their desire for wealth, rather than the wide variety of human motivations we all experience. (This one-dimensional, cartoonish view of human nature is at the heart of Marxist ideology, which once held hundreds of millions under its sway.)”

Similar to what I wrote in the CFR video post, Conspiracy Realists Theorists are obviously starting to ruffle the Banksters’ feathers. Not enough to stop the oncoming NWO/OWG Orwellian nightmare, but enough that the Banksters now have to create websites such as this to try to counter the growing headway that is being made in exposing their true goals.