Militant Rants

Liberty Intel 101

by Tom Baugh

“We are up against an enemy that is designing things, plotting things… To fight it, we don’t even yet have an intelligence capacity in the liberty movement… Every large, significant freedom-oriented group has government operatives in it…”, Boston T. Party, 2010 Liberty Forum.

Be warned, some of this article is distasteful to the intellectual patriot. Many of you have been suitably prepared by your media darlings with such nonsense as peace and love while lauding the Founders as god-like creatures untainted by bloodshed or intrigue. But, if you truly love liberty, then you must be prepared for the unpleasant, and to act accordingly. Else, prepare to be buried with your ideals as both are trampled underfoot by tyranny.

Boston’s right, of course. If your little piece of the world gets big enough to represent a serious threat, rest assured that you will attract the attention of the government, whether or not you are an actual threat. Any course of action taken by liberty types or secessionists who ignore that fact will necessarily suffer. On the other hand, if you recognize that fact as a natural part of the environment, and learn to use its energy to suit your purposes, then you can have a much more effective impact than by simply trying to ignore, or fight, the infiltration. In this article, I intend to lay some of the groundwork for understanding how to focus your efforts for maximum effect. Later articles will build on this foundation. And if what I say in this article seems a little confusing, think about it for a while, as you keep in mind that we have freedom of speech in this country.

The first place to start is to understand something of your adversary.

1. The Government Choad

It would be foolish for patriots to assume that all people in government are bad, just as it was foolish for patriots sixty years ago to assume that those people were universally good during their Cold War fever pitch. Like any other group of people, there are good ones and bad ones and neutral ones. It is the objective of a patriot to recruit the good ones, neutralize the effect of the bad ones, and monitor the neutrals to see which way they fall. This is more or less the stated objective of organizations such as Oathkeepers. However, the approaches I discuss in this article revolve around the out-of-band contacts you might make while going about your militia or other activities, rather than the more or less official contacts within the purview of those other organizations.

Enter the government choad. I struggled with the proper term to describe this creature, and settled on “choad” for a few reasons. First, this term is suitably disrespectful to correctly communicate the disdain which should attend its trail of authoritarian slime. Second, as a term of disrespect, it will necessarily goad him as he attempts to deceive you. For those of you offended by intentional disrespect, I remind you that your civility has led us as a crumbling nation to where we are, on a path paved with your syrupy platitudes. Your concerns are no longer worthy of consideration or action; you have contributed to chaining us and you join the legion of tyrants if you persist.

Most importantly, this term has special meaning to the fractional generation just behind mine. This generation, as has mine, has experienced enough of a taste of success to fully understand what has been lost and snatched from its grasp by an increasingly corrupt oligarchy. Suitably motivated, many of this disenfranchised generation will continue warming to our cause. Welcome, my younger brothers. We embrace you.

And so, the government choad I speak of here is the guy or gal who will infiltrate your organization. I don’t say “try”, because you won’t be able to stop them in most cases since they hold all the legal cards. In fact, you are likely to be penetrated by multiple choads simultaneously. These will play various roles from simply monitoring and reporting, to directing activities, to planting rumors and causing dissension, to bringing ill-repute upon your organization through public misbehavior, to running entrapped confidential informants within your ranks. And each one of them sees themselves as James Bond or some other high-brow super-spy.

Nothing, of course, could be farther from the truth than this overblown self-image. In reality, most choads, as government employees, are those people who could ill-afford private enterprise when the economy was booming. I will distinguish choads from economic draftees in a moment, but for now I refer to those people who entered government service sometime over the last twenty years with the express purpose of getting their jollies by getting in your way.

The choad distinguishes himself by following procedures and policies, writing reports, and exercising all of the skills required for success in a bureaucracy. If they have street skills at all, these will likely have been gained in the drug war, and thus predicated on manipulating criminality and “rolling up” criminal enterprises by following accounting and logistics trails. They also have been bred to count on being able to engage their enemy with overwhelming local force when needed. They have little respect for the intelligence of their adversary, and confuse hiding behind the color of law when employing dirty tricks, such as framing and entrapment, with cleverness.

Choads also tend to be embarrassingly poor third-rate actors. Why? Because the liberty movement hasn’t provided an evolutionary nudge to help them improve when discovered. Yet, the stupid among us are already incarcerated, forcing our evolution forward. And so, today’s choad is entirely unsuited for dealing with his growing new adversary.

2. The New Patriot

The new patriot, which is the target of the choad, comes from the battered and embittered middle class, and has skills and experience hardly seen in the typical drug soldier. Just as Islamic extremists cadre themselves with highly educated and politically astute thinkers, the new patriot has awoken to the reality that our government no longer (if it ever did) serves the people and protects and ensures justice, but instead serves the interests of a relative few, while buying the loyalty of the masses to protect the system. The disenfranchised middle class patriot, recognizing this and having clicked this mental ratchet, cannot be swayed or restored to his previously blind condition. He is also fully aware of the risks posed by the government choad, and is careful to follow the law today to ensure that he survives to influence what must come. The choad has yet to recognize the impact of this new reality, and is easily victimized by the patriot OODA-looping him.

The new patriot also possesses significant counter-intelligence skills, earned by years of negotiating for a living, as well as interviewing, employing and managing others. As a result, the new patriot can recognize the duplicitous nature of the choad by carefully considering inconsistencies in choads’ cover stories. The drug soldier may not detect these inconsistencies, but a new patriot easily can. Pay attention to those gut feelings.

For example, if a choad were to represent himself to me as a firmware engineer, or practically any other kind of software or engineering professional, I could easily root out inconsistencies without ever letting the choad know that I have found them. But it doesn’t stop there. In my experience with running a business, negotiating contracts, supervising vendors, etc., it would be very difficult for a choad to fool me into thinking that he was a manufacturing sales rep, or lawyer, or any other profession which touches my sphere of expertise, unless he actually was one of those things. The only other hope a choad would have is to recruit one of those to watch me on his behalf, and to do so the choad would have to hope that his recruit had not been converted to a new patriot already, or that I might not convert him myself. More on that later. Worse for the choad, a handful of new patriots, with overlapping skill sets and spheres of expertise, can easily wrap up the choad in a web capable of discovering his cover story to be fatally inconsistent, and without his knowledge.

So you see, the choad is self-delusional when he thinks that he can effectively infiltrate the new patriots without detection. Yet, his James Bond super-spy self-delusion can serve a useful purpose, particularly when you shatter it at a time and place of your choosing. We’ll discuss that in a future article, but in the meantime we’ll let the choads sweat it out a little. Tick, tock.

3. The Island and the Roulette Wheel

Now that you’ve identified your choad, what to do with him or her? Well, if you were an actual threat, rather than simply having been targeted by choads as a potential threat, some of your responses might turn rude to the point of being impolite. Better, instead, to tell your choad about the island and the roulette wheel, perhaps in separate discussions. It’s best to not direct these discussions at the choad, but instead sort of in a deflected way past him or her, almost in a cluck-cluck “what a shame” kind of way. Because, after all, you are the good guy. Or you might direct him or her to read this article with an attitude of “can you believe this psycho?”

“Imagine you are shipwrecked on a tropical island with four other people, and they all decided to make you their slave. If you could get away with it, wouldn’t the correct and ethical answer be to kill them all one night? Then you would be free.”

Follow this with:

“OK, so say it was twenty other people, and again, they all wanted to enslave you. To save time, they picked some special slave masters to enforce your slavery. But regardless, that’s probably too many to kill before they get you, even if you started with the slave masters. So, you might fight back smarter by waiting for a hurricane or something to wipe some of them out, so you could get the rest in the confusion. In the meantime, you’d probably act like a good boy or girl and do what they told you while you prioritize your list. So, being good slaves doesn’t necessarily mean that the slave owner doesn’t get his throat cut when the personal consequences aren’t so inconvenient.”

Let that sink in for a while, and then whip out the roulette wheel. Now obviously, you’re not threatening anybody, we’re just swapping hypothetical political stories, right?

“You know, that island story is kind of like a roulette wheel. All of those people living in luxury or enjoying their jobs as slave masters are really counting on a hurricane or something not ever happening. That’s like betting everything on one roulette slot never coming up, not just in this play, but in all future plays. And you don’t get to take the bet back, ever. You know, if one of those slave masters was smart, he would be trying to figure out a way to work with the slave ahead of time to make sure that he didn’t get the shiv when he was trapped under a coconut tree.”

Feel free to spice up the details, such as having multiple slaves in the story or whatever. Wrap up with something like:

“You know, all those government choads that infiltrate and try to disrupt the liberty/secession movements are kind of like those slave masters. If I were one of them, I think I would try to get some of the good guys on my side, if for no other reason than self-preservation.”

Many choads will ignore the implications. Some will get it, and some will pretend to get it for no other reason than to be able to write more juicy reports about you. What you ask your choad to do for you is entirely up to you. Make sure it isn’t something illegal, since that would just play into their hands. But, chances to meet other choads so that you can learn their faces and something about them would be good. Also, getting them to help you advance your agenda would be sweet. Your goal is to help the choad understand that one day if things go bad, and if they’ve been helpful, then you will put in a good word for him or her with all the other former slaves running around with shivs after the hurricane. After all, you’re one of the good guys who just wants to look out for him.

Part of the deal is that the choad must unmask to you and confess his status. That is one little secret the choad doesn’t get to keep. He better hurry, though, before the hurricane hits.

Further, remind your choad that any attempt to disrupt or discredit your events or pit your brothers against each other would not be well-received, and would lead to one day your not being able to put your heart into giving that good word for him. The consequences might be rude to the point of being impolite. Your choad might even be able to sell that angle, as well as the unmasking, to his boss choads as a way of helping him or her further infiltrate your organization!

4. Getting on the Payroll

Even more fun than recognizing and training choads who infiltrate your organization is to infiltrate theirs. After you have identified choads, you can advertise your services as a paid informant. Now, this seems anathema to liberty types, but hang in there with me. One advantage the choad has over you is his knowledge of the organization, techniques and materials employed by choads, particularly those used to wrongfully entrap people. Becoming an insider helps with this, as well as giving you the opportunity to continue your recruitment where it can do even more good. You might even find other new patriots doing the same thing when you get inside the bubble. Once there, try to not fight over high-value choads; there are plenty for everyone. Maybe you can have your choads compete to see whose choad can best deliver high-value choads, or at least particularly interesting personal details about them, suitable for thoughtful holiday cards, perhaps.

Another nice bonus to being a paid informant is that it offsets your opportunity costs of hanging out at rallies and stuff, presumably to write reports on what you find. Now, everyone forgets little details here and there, so don’t worry if your reports are incomplete. Just do the best you can. To test you, other choads will approach you and see whether you report on them. Use your choad-detection skills to pick these out and report accordingly. You can usually spot these guys as they will have some outlandish story or plan they want to share with you, despite having just met you. Remember, choads are very shallow by nature, yet imagine themselves clever.

In some cases, though, your choad may be afraid to let you inside the bubble at all. Remind him or her that this might be seen as noncompliance. Once in, remember that it is your choad’s job to convince the boss choads that you are worth the money, and that if they hang in a little longer they’ll get the really good stuff. If they start to pull back, do the it’s-a-shame cluck-cluck thing again. The same applies for making sure that your choad points out hostile choads to you in the field. Having to discover them on your own doesn’t speak well for the utility of your particular choad, now does it?

In addition to the intelligence-gathering and recruitment possibilities, more benefits accrue to getting on the payroll. One is that, as a stated objective of liberty/seccessionist operatives, the choads lose one of their most effective social levers: accusation of cooperation. “Of course I’m ‘cooperating’. Why aren’t you?” Besides, as we said earlier, there are good people still left in government, so this role is, ethically, no different than having an ID card as one of those.

Another benefit to paid infiltration is that the choads lose confidence in their informants across the board. No longer can they separate us into tools or threats; we all look like a threat while seeming to be a tool. Further, it bleeds the beast while putting more cash in your pocket. Plus, high-value choads, being targeted by their underlings, will tend to become overly suspicious of their own staff. This can’t hurt at all. And last, but not least, all of those content-free, or in some cases honestly-mistaken, reports just mean that the whole process becomes more unwieldy and hard to differentiate between good intel and bad.

5. Economic Draftees

Earlier, I mentioned that some of the government types are actually the good guys. This is true, because as the economy falters, some in government, or the military, are little more than economic draftees. Disenfranchised by the economic collapse, eventually all of us might turn to a government job to survive. That doesn’t mean we have to lose our souls in it. Be on the alert for economic draftees, feigned and legitimate, who might help you penetrate. These people are probably feeling guilty about selling out their principles for the regular check, but reassure them that we understand. This is not their fault, it is the fault of the true enemy we all share. The economic draftees will probably be the best at feeding you information and helping you make contacts. As for the feigned ones, who are actually choads in disguise, well, use your best choad management skills and act like Santa Clause: make your lists and check them twice.

The military abounds with economic draftees, by the way, and, given the run-up to yet another fake war (the topic of another article soon), we may all find ourselves outright draftees despite ourselves. Should you find yourself an economic or outright draftee in the military, you have an unprecedented opportunity to identify choads in uniform. In the heat of battle, all kinds of things happen which are rude to the point of being impolite. But again, that discussion is for another day.

Well, we’ve talked a little about the identification, care and feeding of government choads in your life. Stay tuned for more in future articles on this topic.

In the meantime, always remember when dealing with choads: they can entrap you, they can frame you, they can arrest you, or they can just kill you. But they can’t outsmart you. And that scares the hell out of them.


So get out there and find a few choads for the good guys.

Tom Baugh is the author of Starving the Monkeys, Fight Back Smarter. He is also a former Marine, patented inventor, entrepreneur and professional irritant. Be sure to subscribe for updates, articles and ways to fight back smarter.