Rethinking Paradigms

Inglorious Basterds

starring Brad Pitt, Quentin Tarantino

I actually thought this movie was a comedy when I saw the previews. It sort of is, but not really. In fact, to be blunt, about the only decent thing in this whole flick is Brad Pitt’s performance. I’m gaining a lot of respect for him as an actor. Otherwise, though, this movie is basic WWII “it was all about the Jews” propaganda.

The premise of the movie is pretty simple. The Allies (meaning Americans) decide to send a group of guerrilla commandos behind enemy lines to wreak havoc in whatever way they see fit. Brad Pitt’s character puts together the elite unit, made up of all Jewish-American soldiers – presumably so they’ll be good and fired up about putting it to the Nazis. Nevermind that the concentration camps weren’t widely known of until near war’s end..

The group become known as the Inglorious Basterds (German spelling).

Soon enough, they’re sent on a specific mission to kill most of the German High Command as they congregate in one spot to see Gerbel’s latest film.

The story has its ups and downs, but is really not all that entertaining. The slight plot twist at the end is kind of nice, but for the most part, it’s just character acting as various players in the film do their thing. Overall, not all that great unless you’re into WWII alt-reality propaganda films and like seeing a fair amount of realistic/ritualistic violence.

You aren’t out anything if you skip this one.