Rethinking Paradigms


starring Gerard Butler

This movie turned out to be about what I’d expected it to be. It’s an OK movie based on a kind of cool sci-fi premise, but done with half-assed execution. The effects, acting, and so forth are what you expect and aren’t bad, but the editing sliced up the story, which become predictable by the time you’re halfway through the movie.

The idea behind the story is pretty simple, really. A genius invents chips that can be embedded into people to make them controllable by others. Volunteers are given the chip and work shifts in a virtual world where their “real” (handler or gamer) can control them throughout the time they’re in the game. The first version of this is obviously a simulated alter-world where players can lead their simulants through parties, orgies, or whatever else.

Eventually, of course, the genius decides to market this as a war game as well, so he enlists convicts to fight for their freedom in a virtual combat zone (that’s real to them, fake to their controllers). Enter Butler.

That ends the coolness factor in the movie, since the premise behind the control is where it all gets cool. After that, it’s just carnage, predictable action, and the usual “hero must save his family and the world” b.s.

If you’re going to see this movie, watch it just for the effects, but don’t expect to be cerebrally entertained. This one’s only worth buying to give me the Amazon credit. :)