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Stop Wanting the Tea Party to Save You with the Election Process

by Big John Lipscomb, NE

Will this ever stop?

I warned you two years ago. How many times do people have to see their hope decimated before they grow up and accept reality? The system is so corrupted, it doesn’t matter who you elect!

These silly tea party people running around thinking they will elect a new Congress, as did Americans four years ago when they grew tired of the Bush war and elected dozens of new Democrats. As I asked you a year ago, how’d that work out for you? Of course, they also though a socialist/communist Obama would shower them with Nirvana, but how’d that work out for you? Most good and awake people in this nation also fell for the scam of Ron Paul will save us notion. Like I said a couple of years ago on my second radio show of nearly eight hundred, if Ron Paul is legit, how would he ever get anything done with that Congress and the never ending propaganda media? But nobody ever sees it clearly because they are clouded by their illusions.

Over and over, insane people do the same thing although they get the same failed results. They can’t help themselves because they are so tightly conformed and manipulated, they cannot see any other solution. So around and around they go, too stupid to be embarrassed.

The tea party woke up today with a sudden change in the momentum. Of course they are never savvy enough to realize that the voting machine and system is rigged, no matter how many qualified experts have now proven that election fraud is rampant. Why? Because they don’t want to know. People, and it very likely, you are one of them, don’t want the truth. They can’t handle it and they can’t deal with it. As it begins to close in on them they avoid looking at it like a child hides under his blankets in attempt to make it all go away. Ignorance, if it is not bliss, they figure, at least it is better that truth.

As a result, all of us are neck high in dung. Can’t hardly breathe, can barley wiggle our toes and as people walk by, we smile and pretend everything is good and normal. We all know what the solution is, but nobody wants life to get hard. So, they continue to sell their soul, day after day. Working for the beast that is killing them. Ignoring the bully that keeps smacking them in the back of the head and laughing at the lack of response. Come to think about it, there is something oddly funny about how willing people are to be abused. They just pretend it doesn’t hurt. They imagine the bully will eventually tire of beating on them and finally leave them alone. But he doesn’t. All he does is grow more confident that the abused is incapable of responding. Much like a lab rat getting electrified. If it has no option to stop the pain, it just crawls over to the corner and allows the electricity to pulse through its body for days before it dies.

I thought you were better and stronger than that. I hoped that the better people in this nation and around the world would eventually get angry and start breathing heavily as their intensity mounted. Then, I figured, they would slowly stand, turn towards their nemeses and give that deep dark stare, moments before lashing out and beheading the scourge of this planet! So, I guess in the end, I too, have my illusions.
Big John Lipscomb

Militant Libertarian

Site owner, philosopher, certified genius, and general pain in the establishment's ass.

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Christian Prophet

No argument that the Tea Party people have illusions about what they can accomplish politically. But they are accomplishing much in terms of shifting awareness. Many more people are awakening to the tyranny of this form of government and a spirit is awakening within them. I call it the Robin Hood Spirit. Have you see the Robin Hood Oath? One place I’ve seen it to read:


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