Troops Invade Chicago (for Training)

Posted: June 12th, 2010 by Militant Libertarian

by Adriana Correa, NBC

Disaster. Mayhem. Panic in the streets.

Chicago could look a lot like a Michael Bay movie-in-action this weekend when massive emergency response exercise takes place in and around the city.

The Illinois National Guard says more than 50 local, state, federal and private agencies will participate in the drill to learn how to respond to disasters. The five-day training exercise will run from Sunday through Thursday, June 17.

Officials with the Illinois National Guard say the event is a “full-scale exercise” and residents can expect to see emergency responders throughout the Chicago area “look and acting” as if it were a real disaster mission.

Officials say the practice events will include a simulated commercial airplane crash, simulated rail car evacuation and simulated terrorist attack.


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