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The Fair Tax Bites

Mili Note: While I agree with Mr. Longcore, I did leave a comment on his blog about this, which I’ve copied below the story.

by Russell D. Longcore, DumpDC

I recently read an article posted at Tim Baldwin’s Liberty Defense League entitled How To Castrate The IRS, written by Lance Voorhees. The article promotes the so-called “Fair Tax” presently being shilled by radio talking head Neal Boortz and Georgia Congressman John Linder.

The Fair Tax bites. Most people like to say that something they don’t like sucks. But in my personal experience, sucking is good. It’s biting that I don’t like. Sucking on a Tootsie Pop is great, but you could break a tooth biting one. Sucking a refreshing beverage though a straw works well unless you bite the straw. And, in the best example of all…marital relations involving sucking are highly superior to biting.

But I digress.

Here are compelling reasons to reject the Fair Tax.

First: the Fair Tax is a consumption tax…a retail sales tax…that is meant to replace the personal income tax. Nothing wrong with that idea. The tax is levied as a percentage of the amount of a purchase transaction…when you buy something. But they want this sales tax to be a 23% tax! That’s 23% tax independent of any state or local sales tax. Here in Georgia, that would mean 23% plus between 5% and 8%, depending on the county or city your transaction would occur in. In the City of Atlanta, you would face a total tax of 31%! Make a $100 purchase and add another $31 of tax.

Second: The cheerleaders say the Fair Tax is “revenue neutral.” That means the Federal Government would collect roughly as much revenue with the Fair Tax as with the income tax. NOTHING is said about cutting Federal spending one dollar! Shouldn’t THAT be talked about BEFORE changing the method of taxation?

Third: No taxation for a family of four earning below the Federal “poverty threshold” of $29,140. That means that EVERY American would begin receiving a DC check for spending up to the poverty level. Now the entire population would be getting a government check. Even the wealthiest billionaires would get a rebate check for the tax on their first exempt income. But with a 2010 deficit of $2 Trillion, where is this money supposed to come from? Certainly not from Fair Tax revenue. The money will be fiat money, backed by nothing, simply printed up by the Federal Reserve and injected into the economy.

Fourth: Voorhees calls this a “Lifestyle Tax” and an “equitable system.” But what’s equitable about a system that creates an underclass of more Federal welfare recipients? What is equitable about a tax that exempts a certain group of people, while the remaining people subsidize the exempt group? There is NOTHING equitable about the Fair Tax.

Fifth: I don’t see Voorhees dealing with the large-ticket purchases like homes, autos and such. Are we to expect to pay an additional 23% on those purchases? If not, then some exemptions are going to be made. That is the beginning of another tax code, in which some receive benefits at the expense of others.

Sixth and finally: The entire Fair Tax controversy revolves around keeping Washington “as is.” Washington suffers no penalty for its profligacy and criminality. And, as I showed in Texas Secession: A New Nation Without Taxes?, no income tax or any other taxation needs to be collected by Washington from Americans. DC already controls enough wealth to pay off the entire national debt and continue operations without further taxation.

No, people like Boortz and Linder are still big-government lackeys, bowing and scraping before the DC criminals with fawning unworkable suggestions. I’m not sure about Voorhees.

Here’s a suggestion for a WORKABLE change: SECESSION.

Secession returns governance to the states, and ends Federal tyranny. No Federal taxation, no Federal debt, no Federal regulations, no Federal mismanagement. You don’t have to ask permission to secede. You just have to do it.

Don’t you think it would be easier, simpler and more manageable to have your only governmental unit on a local basis instead of in Washington DC? Even though all government is force, local force is more palatable than Federal force.

Secession is the Hope for Mankind. Who will be first?

DumpDC. Six Letters That Can Change History.

© Copyright 2010, Russell D. Longcore. Permission to reprint in whole or in part is gladly granted, provided full credit is given.

Mili Comment:

I agree with Swiftfoxmark. I’d prefer zero tax or an actual voluntary payment based on services, but probably the only way to wake up the plebes is to first show them, up front and in their face, how much their taxes cost them. This scheme would do that.

The most insidious thing about our current system is that most people are clueless as to how much they actually pay.

At the very least, I think everyone should be required to file as if they were self-employed, should this Fair Tax b.s. not pass. That way, if theIRS* is forced to make everyone see their actual taxes paid, more people would wake the F up.

*Properly spelled, as it intones what is really going on.


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Bruce Hevner

A better question would be why are YOU in favor of keeping one of the most convoluted and UNFAIR tax systems in the world,,the one we have now??
What’s fair about it?? You are in favor of using the tax code to manipulate social behavior which is constantly tinkered with by every politician who thinks THEY know better than we how to spend our money?? You’re in favor of KEEPING THE IRS,, the most powerful agency of the US Government (NO other agency can TAKE your money and levy taxes on you)??.
Reforming the current system is a JOKE. History proves that ALL efforts to reform the current system have only ADDED complexity and size to the current system. You are in favor of keeping the current 60,000+ page code that not even the HEAD of the IRS can understand???
How can you justify being IN FAVOR of such a system??
NO,, the ONLY answer is to JUNK the current system and TRY something different.
The Flat Tax which would not repeal the 16 Amendment (the IRS) would STILL leave us under their control.
Is The Fair Tax perfect?? Of course not,, but it would be FAR easier and TRANSPARENT to the public to work within its structure than what we have now. Look at what just happened with the 1099 fiasco. Haven’t heard about it?? Oh yeah it was PART OF THE HEALTH CARE REFORM bill!!
But HEY,,, that’s just ME!


1. The Prebate off-set’s what say. Plus, I sure hope you are earning more than what you are spending.
2. No. Change the system then change the percentage.
3. Not the entire population would be getting a check from the governement. Only the legal population.
4. How does it create an underclass? That doesn’t make sense at all.
5.How do others receive exempts at the expense of others? Doesn’t make sense.
6.I’ll agree with you but I believe we should change how the goverment gets its money first.
7. Session: Not sure this is the right way to go due to domestic(between states) affairs, over seas affairs, support for war? Deffinitly a discussion for a different day.


1 point for Fair Tax. Minus 1 point for the “so Called” income tax.

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