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Elections official hits TV to affirm no Hawaii birth

by Joe Kovacs, WND

In direct contradiction of the White House storyline, the former Honolulu elections official who caused a national stir this month when he told WND Barack Obama was “definitely” not born in Hawaii, and that no long-form, hospital-generated birth certificate even exists for the president in the Aloha State is now reaffirming those claims to a network television affiliate.

Tim Adams, the former senior elections clerk for the city and county of Honolulu was interviewed by Gene Birk of ABC affiliate WBKO-TV in Bowling Green, Ky.

Video of the 9-minute interview has been posted on YouTube and is embedded here:

“As of the time I was in Hawaii working in the elections office,” said Adams, “we had many people who were asking about the eligibility of Senator Obama to be president. I was told at the time there is no long-form birth record, which would have been the case if President Obama was born in [a] hospital in Honolulu. There is no such form in Hawaii.”

As WND first reported June 10, Honolulu’s current elections administrator, Glen Takahashi, confirmed that Tim Adams was indeed “senior elections clerk” in 2008, in charge of verifying voters’ identity, especially those involving absentee ballots.

Adams, 45, also noted he’s willing to testify about his claims in a court of law.

He continued in his TV interview: “[Obama] does have a [Certification] of Live Birth, which is given to children of families who are residents of Hawaii when children are born outside the state. So, I assert that he was born outside of Hawaii. Now, we can’t tell you where he was born. Some of his family members said that he had been born while his mother was on a trip overseas.

“When I mentioned this, it got people’s attention. They also did not like my conclusions that since President Obama does have a [Certification] of Live Birth from the state of Hawaii, that he was born a U.S. citizen. And during the initial part of the campaign, when questions about his eligibility to be president came up – including Senator McCain because he was born in Panama – that both these men were vetted by the same process as any other presidential candidate. So, while we may not agree, some people say that because of Article 2 of the Constitution, President Obama was not eligible to be president. That’s not a question that we can answer.

“The people who are in charge of saying who is eligible to run for president have already vouched that he was indeed an eligible candidate. If we disagree with that, we don’t need to go after the man. We need to look at the process by which candidates are vetted for public office.”

The interviewer, apparently looking to reaffirm what he was just told, asked Adams again, “So let me understand what you’re saying. There is no long-form birth certificate, because he was not born on U.S. soil.”

“Correct,” responded Adams.

“But there is a Certification of Birth, which is what this is,” said Birk, as he looked at a photocopy of Obama’s purported short-form, computer-generated Certification of Live Birth, a document which does not specify the hospital where Obama might have been born nor any doctor’s name or signature.

“A facsimile of it has been put online,” said Adams.

Birk responded, “Yes, and in your opinion, this means regardless of where he was born, he was a U.S. citizen at birth.”

“Yes,” said Adams, reiterating his personal opinion that Obama is eligible to hold office and that the question would have been answered when the Democratic National Committee vetted him to run for public office prior to the 2008 election.

Adams’ claims are starkly different from those of the White House.

“The noble truth is that the president was born in Hawaii, a state of the United States of America,” Press Secretary Robert Gibbs told WND.

Linda Lingle, the Republican governor of Hawaii, has also publicly voiced the alleged exact location of Obama’s birth, saying “the president was, in fact, born at Kapi’olani Hospital in Honolulu, Hawaii.”

Since WND’s original report, Adams has come under fire from some critics online who suggested Adams may hold an anti-black philosophy and that his assertions were possibly racially motivated.

Adams, though, said it’s people still asking Obama to prove his eligibility who tend to have race-based sentiments against the commander in chief.

“Some people are basically racist,” Adams said. “It’s a question of race. They don’t like having someone who’s not white, or they don’t like someone who’s from such a different heritage as President Obama, because his family has ties to Africa. His family also has ties to middle America, so to me it’s also a non-issue. The other thing is, is he is a liberal, he’s a Democrat. There’s a lot of political rancor in the country in the last decade, starting with President Bush, and then we had 9/11. We’ve had the wars overseas. And this entire fight between the Left and the Right has become so Balkanized that anything someone finds, they say, ‘Oh look, he lied about being born inside the United States. There must be something terrible there!’ But they’re extrapolating something that’s not true.”

Adams also lamented the poor state of civil discourse in America.

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