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Son of Constitution Party Leader Doesn’t Like the Constitution…and He’s Right

from Hezekiah Wyman, by Timothy Baldwin

[From Hezekiah] My Editor-at-Large, Hugh K, sent this to me.  Mr. Baldwin makes a cogent and sound case for jettisoning any sentimental or legalistic attachment to the Constitution.  Readers of this site will realize that not only am a Constitutional skeptic but the continued obeisance and idolatry of this document has crippled the frame of the argument in America for liberation from big government. I repeat, the Constitution is a Hamiltonian Doomsday Machine designed from the beginning to put the people under the harness of the tax farmers in DC – nothing less.   We have been programmed and duped into thinking that the Orwellian notions are true – war is peace and slavery is freedom.

Spooner was right (as usual):    ”But whether the Constitution really be one thing, or another, this much is certain – that it has either authorized such a government as we have had, or has been powerless to prevent it. In either case, it is unfit to exist.”

What is fascinating about this article is that it is penned by none other than the son of the leader of the Constitution Party.  Somewhat like a member of the John Birch Society whose progeny become members of the Communist Party USA.  I am not a religionist of any stripe so I have to gloss over the Christian platitudes but the remainder of Tim Baldwin’s argument is sound:  the Constitution is in the way of any progress to liberate us from DC and the entire philosophical notion of big government as a positive force in society.

Among all the different conservative sects and schisms (even a large portion of the libertarian intelligentsia) in America, this has been the odd relative that we are not allowed to talk about.  The worship and assumed sanctity of the document has blinded the most erudite freedom activist and thinkers from conducting the soul-searching now required of those of us who wish a freer country for our children and future.  A return or revival of the Constitution will not solve our problems – ever.  The answer remains the broken record played on this bog – devolution, secession and voluntary confederation.

A complete deSovietization of these united States per the events in 1989 in Russia.  Whether collapse or consent, this is the ONLY avenue left before we sink into the inevitable Third World Marxian failed state that has been the preferred path here since 1989 when Bush I inaugurated our latest slide into the abyss.  Stop deluding yourself at the Tea Party about a “return to Constitutional principles” or ”embracing the vision of the Founders”;  the Founders wrote a Federalist document that not only codified slavery explicitly (unlike the sainted Articles of Confederation) but by implication condemned us all to the plantation fields for the tax farmers in DC.  The other Founders, the Antifederalists, lost.  It is time for them to prevail. -BB

Why must some act so selfishly to dogmatically hold that freedom MUST be restored through the political association under the United States Constitution? Would freedom be lost to those people who reinstitute new forms of government to better secure life, liberty and pursuit of happiness? To the contrary, freedom would benefit exponentially. Those who refuse to entertain the ideas of state independence and reforming the union into smaller, more manageable parts, based upon the immutable laws of self-government, are evidently self-interested in their entanglement with and reliance on the federal government. There is no patriotism or honor in that.

Was Patrick Henry wrong when he said, “three confederacies would be practicable, and better suited…than one”?[7] Was he wrong when he predicted the elimination of state sovereignty and individual liberty and the encroachment of the federal government into our lives pursuant to the constitution, not in contradiction of it? If he was right in predicting the effect of the constitution, perhaps we should consider his alternative suggestions to the constitution of 1787.

Proceeding under a delusion of “union at all costs” causes more damage to this country by continuing to drag freedom into the despicable muck of what this union has become. Quit waiting for God (as if He is obligated and would choose to do so) to raise a smelly, rotten corpse from the dead and begin plowing the fields of the living. Plan for new life to be born from the fertile seeds of freedom conceived by the work of revival, enlightenment and pro-activation. Begin planning for the reality of a New State Freedom.

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