Militant Rants

Haitus Over

Artist's reproduction of what our family reunion photo may look like...

Just wanted to let everyone know that I was incommunicado for a few days.  Our family attended a family reunion and I decided to leave the computer behind for once and let the world do its own thing for a few days.  I pre-posted some stuff to go up while we were gone, but let the site sit for a couple of days with no updates this time.  Normally, I pre-post enough to cover it for the entire absence so it at least looks like I’m still filling it.

I don’t make announcements about being gone for obvious security reasons, including giving the hacker-types a green light to go to town while I’m not around.  I’m sure they’d love that.  They hit this place regularly as it is.  I do let some key friends know, privately, that I’ll be gone so that nobody gets any wild rumors about my kidnapping by the PTB.  I’d rather not cry wolf on that account.

At any rate, posting is resuming now.

For those who’re curious, it was a great get-together of a lot of people of Scottish descent.  Our baby was the youngest in attendance, so she was a big hit and was passed around regularly.  Family from all over the U.S. appeared at the event.  We watched some home videos, drank locally-produced wine, huddled for gigantic group photos, drove around in a 1947 Willy’s, made fun of nephews for their poor shooting, watched the inventiveness of small children who can make anything into a toy, and more.

Overall, it was what family reunions are supposed to be.