Militant Rants

New Notes on the Site and Funding

Since moving to the new format at the first of the year, thanks to generous donations from readers, I have been running advertising from Google Adsense on the site.  Most of you are probably aware of what they are, but for those who aren’t: they’re the little boxes of ads that appear at (around) the center of posts on the site.

The idea was that, with the traffic that MiliLib gets, these ads would eventually make the site self-funding.  Each time someone clicks on one of those little ads, my account gets a few cents or even a buck.  I’ve been watching the ad revenue since it began and have seen a steady climb.  Currently, about 1% of’s daily visitors click on an ad.

Well, for the past three months, the site has gained self-sustaining income!

That is awesome and means that I don’t have to put up posts or beg any of you to help fund the site.  All I have to do is keep doing what I’m doing and when the occasional reader clicks on an ad, the site gets a little more funding.  I’m not going to encourage you to click on ads willy-nilly just to send me cash (I won’t discourage it either, though).  The advertisers who use Google to promote themselves will obviously discontinue that if it doesn’t add up to revenue for them, so mass-clicking isn’t productive for very long.  If you do see an ad that appeals to you (even if it’s just weirdly out of place, like those ones for Sarah Palin that appear on the anti-Palin posts here), though, feel free to follow it.  You’re helping keep itself afloat.

The site is self-funding on a monthly basis (not a weekly one, yet – I’ll explain the difference) and has been for about three months.  It’s on track to continue the trend for July as well.  The site has two major expenses that fall into three categories: yearly, monthly, and weekly.

The yearly expense is the domain registration.  That’s only $15 and I’ve been fronting it myself since 2004 and will continue doing so if needed.  It’s not like it’s a ton of cash.  The monthly expenses are the hosting (on which I also host a charity site for a local animal rescue I’m involved with) and the maintenance fees (software costs for server optimization and monitoring).  These add up to about $12/month currently.  On top of that are weekly fees I pay for security monitoring, which blocks direct hacking attempts – of which there are many, averaging about 18/month now.  Those weekly fees are another $10/week.  So in total, the site costs about $52/month.  A few months ago, it was actually cheaper because I didn’t use the security services.  Then the site got almost totally compromised and another site I operate ( got totally shut down.  Likely by the same people, since both were, as far as can be figured, based in Israel.

At any rate, I installed and paid for the security services rather than let the site be open to repeated attacks.

So, long story short, the whole site is now funding itself thanks to your interest in the advertising here.  Last month saw site income of $58 and the month before of $54.  On a weekly basis, the site isn’t totally covering itself in real-time, since some weeks seem to be more productive (in ad revenue) than others.  It’s all evening out and the idea I have is to bank the extra funding received so that the site has a couple of months in layaway.  After that, I will consider setting up hosting for a mirror site as well (which will be much cheaper).

I’ve never personally made any money from and probably never will.  But I don’t keep this site for the money.  Otherwise, I would have given up long ago.  I do it because I can and I enjoy my little way of sticking it to the Man and giving people a place to go to get a good roundup of alternative news, events, and commentary.

So thanks to all of you for visiting, clicking, and being active here!