The Mili Lib on the Radio Tomorrow

Posted: July 11th, 2010 by Militant Libertarian

For anyone interested, I’ll be on the radio tomorrow with Dale Williams of Free West Radio.  We’ll be talking about my current series of articles on and regarding mercury toxicity and the apparent drive towards filling all of us up with as many neurotoxins as they can pack into our bodies.

The discussion will be fun (Dale and I talked on the phone today and the conversation turned into one of those “we should just do this on the air” things).  There is a pandemic of heavy metal toxins and most of us are infected and likely don’t know it.  Find out some of the surprising sources for this and why it appears to be all engineered on purpose.

I will be giving scientific data and citing studies and resources to find out more information.  No conspiranoid stuff here, folks, this is real.

You can listen in Salt Lake City, Utah on KTKK AM-630 or online for free at the live stream on Dale’s website.  The show starts at 1:00pm Mountain Standard Time (12:00 noon Pacific, 3:00pm Eastern).


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