USA: Police State

Murdered By Police Before His First Breath

by William N. Grigg

Indianapolis resident LaDonna Dixon was frantic to help her friend Ashley, who was having a seizure. While LaDonna retrieved Ashley’s medicine from her car, Officer Scott Childers arrived and took control of the scene.

When Dixon attempted to give Ashley her medication, Childers threw her to the ground, maced her, and then beat her into unconsciousness, despite the fact that she was in an advanced state of pregnancy.

As Childers beat Dixon, the father of her child arrived on the scene and pleaded with the officer to stop, to no avail. At this point, the father was morally justified in using lethal force against Childers in order to defend his family, had this been possible.

When Dixon awoke, she was in a holding facility. She was bleeding, and her face was burning from the mace. After her jailers refused to take her to a hospital, Dixon gave birth to a dead child – who was murdered through police abuse before taking his first breath.

Let us take back the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free.


Militant Libertarian

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ZAP Has Limits

SOB needs to die. Slowly.

Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet…General James Mattis , USMC


The cop was undoubtedly a self-righteous Christian teabagger freak like you. America was founded by people seeking freedom from religion… separation of church and state is one of our most fundamental principles.


God, set us free from atheists like David. You gave us here freedom OF religion ~~ and upon this FREEDOM were our Constitution, Bill of Rights, and nation founded.

Militant Libertarian

You obviously have no idea what “separation of church and state” or the First Amendment actually mean.

ZAP Has Limits

So, a cop beats the crap out of a pregnant woman, most likely killing her baby. She is then denied medical care in jail, insuring the baby’s death.

Your comment leads me to believe you’re okay with that. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everbody you meet…General James Mattis , USMC


I see that the world is in no short supply of idiots & idiot box sheeple watchers. “Cop was a Christian teabagger” –>Statement goes way past ignorant & straight to stupid. T.E.A’s want the constitution upheld, fair tax for all & would never commit such an act. Yes there are self-righteous Christians but there are hypocrites amongst religions, incl. but not ltd to atheists. How about that radical islam indoctrination going on in schools? Those “teabaggers” are fighting against that crap too. We must stand united against all false leaders & those committing heinous acts like above. Saudi millions donated to Harvard & Georgetown:

michael morris

Christ made free? you people are just insane and your god is the reason you are isane.

Allen Benge

I was born and raised in Indianapolis and wanted to be an IPD officer when I grew up[. I ended up being a deputy sheriff in Arizona. I always looked up to Indy officers, but this one needs to be kicked off the force and jailed. There is no excuse for this. The woman did not have the wherewithal to injure or kill the officer, so his excessive use of force is unforgiveable. The officer murdered that unborn child, there is no other conclusion. Hey IAD, get this a**hole off the city teat.

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