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Man tries to pay tax with 200,000 pennies

Mili Note: Read this carefully and see what it’s saying.. the “penny” is only a legal form of tender if you have 25 or less of them.  In the U.S., for those who want to know, you can’t pay your income tax to the IRS in coinage at all.  Period.  Go ahead and try.  Many do every year and they’re all turned away and told to bring in bills, a draft, a check, etc.  The IRS too got fed up with the popular protest idea of paying your income tax in coins. /*insert pithy “coins don’t kill people…” line here*/

by QMI, CNews

RIPON, Que. – A Quebec man, fed up with his skyrocketing property taxes, carted more than 200,000 pennies down to City Hall to pay his bill. But he was denied, and asked to simply cut a cheque.

Normand Czepial of Ripon, Que. — less than an hour’s drive northeast of Gatineau — arrived at City Hall on Wednesday with a children’s pool filled with 213,625 pennies.

Czepial’s property tax bill reportedly rose by nearly $4,000 dollars last year to $6,400. Czepial tried to pay with pennies to protest the hike.

Ripon Mayor Luc Desjardins was surprised to see the stunt, but had to tell Czepial to find another way to pay his bill.

Under the Currency Act, nobody is obliged to accept more than 25 pennies as payment for any product or service. Normand Czepial, unfortunately, was 213,600 over the limit.