When All Else Fails

Divided We Stand Because United We Fell

by James Harvey, LDL

Judging homo sapiens by their disastrous repetition of confining citizens to social contracts by force has proven beyond doubt we are not very intelligent. As a matter of fact, a constant repetition of something that gives bad results while expecting it to give good results the next time is considered by some as the definition of insanity.

Some of us have never wondered if holding our hand in a fire would burn us, but some have tried it, and some have tried it more than once. However, all of us continue to allow people to construct governments under the premise of it being for our own protection, and these governments then monopolize the power to have exclusive right to subjugate us by tyranny.

The instigators of this atrocity have historically been men of superior physical strength, intellectually superior, or both, and the masses who they say adore them, continue in lock step to their demise. What, pray tell, can account for this insane repetition by supposedly intelligent people?

The totally rejected answer found by an honest examination of Scripture is because we were born depraved and rejected God’s rule. Since that truth has been rejected, and this is not intended to be a sermon, I will try my best to come up with an acceptable answer that pacifies our present socio-politically correct depraved nature.

This is a good place to introduce something most people have forgotten or have been brain washed into not believing. We are all different, but governments cannot control a society that is diverse, so they convince us we should all be the same. Congratulations public education, you have been the most successful propagandizers in all of recorded history. Next comes the controlled media industry and before you know it, we are all convinced that diversity is wonderful. Now, add an industrial economy that produces a three class society, and the next thing you know, “We are Free! Free at Last!” Or so they say! All of this has been for our own good of course, and we love the new life style like we never loved GOD, because we don’t know what else to believe.

Apparently, all it takes to subjugate millions of people is to divert their attention by providing a comfortable economic opportunity. How many people do you know who are so engrossed in their own personal comfort, they are hardly aware of having a government? This same scenario adjusted to the continuing advance of knowledge has been repeated over and over until it is absolutely ludicrous. When will homo sapiens learn that segregation into like minded societies is the only safety that is possible for us to have?

When societies are formed around specific ideologies, the closest thing to peace we will ever obtain is very possible. When societies are forced to accept diverse ideologies in a community, chaos is the norm. What’s so hard to understand about that? Of course the government’s media lap dogs celebrate diversity. That’s how they control us! The Hegelian Dialectic is still alive and well. Once long ago, we came close to being able to construct a stable society but the Bankers had a plan, and knew it would not work if the people were well educated and placed a high value on their freedom from governments, long on rhetoric and short on the length of our leash.

Before you can say, “Give me liberty, or give me death” the Bankers had their mother country debtors approving a new form of government that would protect the King’s investments in America, and give them the power to recoup their war financing loans for all eternity. All in the name of WE THE PEOPLE; and we the people bought it hook line and sinker, which  proves that people hell bent on obtaining an economically secure future were just as bad as the brain washed ones of today that believe they have obtained it. Self centered people will always ignore their government watchdog obligations if opportunity looks possible.

So who is really responsible for the present condition of loss of liberty? Some would say that the person, who knows his neighbor’s history is one of repeated rapes on children, is more responsible than the known rapist when his children are raped, and this old man agrees. Ignore danger, and it’s sure to find you!

Perhaps the word “depravity” is rolling around in your memory now.

When people are convinced they are good people, you can safely bet the farm they will fall prey to those who brag about their depravity, and nothing is more irresistible to a Banker than a man who is incapable of managing his own affairs, and begs the Banker for the use of his money. I hope the context switching did not confuse you.

I believe the above is a creditable apology on the unreliable nature of human beings, at least to those who have studied humanity’s history.

Let’s consider some of what really happened after the Constitution was thrust upon an unsuspecting group of unreliable self-centered people: things like the audacious claim that everyone in America contributed to a new set of rules that the government had to adhere too. (WHO WERE, WE THE PEOPLE?) Then there is the almost total ignorance in the people as to how, and why, they were now subject to a new form of government, as in, how do you control a government you know nothing about?

After all, they didn’t have the internet back then, and a large number of people couldn’t even read, cared less, and had no intention of obeying it anyway.

America was expanding so fast, and communication was so slow that a sizeable number of people who could read, were hell bent on surviving and or improving their standard of living, and had no time or interest in what a bunch of Bankers, Lawyers, and Politicians were doing. The massive amount of opportunity in America had people completely focused on getting their share before the next guy got it.

Of course these are not the kind of people the education and media industries have presented to the modern mind, and society is now loath to degrade their ancestors to the same level they are.

Are you coming to an awareness of the danger to society when they have been distracted by their own self interest, and lied to from the get-go by their government’s control of education and media? Can you believe this was going on back then, or do you still insist on believing in heroes? If so, it flies in the face of America’s history.

Once you accept reality, by comparing what happens to what is claimed, truth begins to seep in and crack your presuppositions. Of course you don’t WANT to believe people are consistently manipulating history so you will feel good, and go to sleep, but that’s the way it is whether we like it or not.

Now, what else happened back then that contributed to our social and economic meltdown? Let’s consider the slow and methodical transfer of power from the States to the so-called Federal Government that enabled Lincoln to massively escalate it. The results were the explosion of government workers who would shoot their mama to keep their job, and the implementation of government controlled education to mold the minds of children. And, all of this was slavishly accepted by the people in the name of positive progression. Or, was it accepted out of fear? I contend that Lincoln was used to completely change the American acceptance of being dominated by their government out of fear of losing everything like the southerners had. Propaganda, with the Hegelian dialectic, and the visible power of government had won the day. From now on the masses would lie down and keep their mouths shut. Not one in a thousand knew the Bankers were behind it all.

Ladies and gentlemen, there is so much evidence supporting what I am writing, that a person can only deny it out of pure ignorance and cognitive dissonance. America is not, and never has been, the land of the free, and the home of the brave! SO GET OVER IT! We are no better than any other nation or generation in the history of humanity. So far I have only covered a miniscule amount of reasons why our nation has progressively degenerated from what we have always believed it is, and now, it’s time to confront reality.

The Federal Government is like a giant sled, that the people are forced to ride on, and it’s slowing sliding down a mountain and destroying everything in its path.

Things like our hard earned money, property, privacy, security, food, health, private enterprise, financial planning, affordable insurance, self defense, our children’s intellectual development, common law, marriage, morality, freedom of speech, what we buy, smoke, drink, and do, and among many others, CHRISTIANITY! If you want to ruin your day, make your own list of things the government has destroyed.

Our putrid government and the scumbags that pretend to run it are not our only problems, as (we the people,) are so divided on what has and has not been destroyed, and what should be destroyed, as to make any kind of reconciliation impossible. The joining together of people who are totally opposite in their world view is insane.

In addition to the obvious chasm between government supporters and non supporters, there are numerous cubby holes the non supporters reside in, such as autonomous States, or central governance. Many non supporters such as tea parties have no unity other than the stupid conviction that their candidates can solve problems in congress.

Unity, it seems, is the biggest scam since Satan convinced the ungodly he didn’t exist.

American’s have been subjected to so much propaganda it’s a miracle we can find our way home, let alone decide which politician will be dishonest enough to accept bribes, and give us a bigger share of the peoples money. Elections are Satan’s third biggest scam, and the holy grail of cronyism.

I could go on an on about how we have been suckered into feeling like hero’s when we kill innocent civilians in carefully planned wars, give up our children to being propagandized as we were, supporting the very people that raped our freedom, intentionally tempted us with crude and lude entertainment, and herded us into a jail of despair.

But, what’s the sense of going over all the things that anyone with more than two inches between their ears are already aware of?

We need a need new system of governance, and we need it now, if we are going to propagate a country of people that understand what freedom is and remain willing to sacrifice everything to obtain it.

Since we are completely un-organized, and face a government that would kill us in a heartbeat if we refused to comply with their plan of world governance, and pronounced ourselves free of their domain; what are our options? Do we throw caution to the winds and refuse to pay tribute or obey, or do we volunteer to contribute our time, money, intelligence and resolve to design a better government?

Talk is cheap, but action has a high price, and if we are to accomplish anything other than complaining, we are going to have to pay that price. Are capable men organizing without my knowledge? With all my heart I hope so, because I have reached the point of despondency that is un-bearable, and need to do something besides complain. If nothing else let me stand guard and protect those who have the intelligence and experience I lack. I will be free, or I will die trying!


Militant Libertarian

Site owner, philosopher, certified genius, and general pain in the establishment’s ass.


James P. Harvey akaOldDog

Thank you for posting my article, and anyone may post it without credit to me.
I need people willing to die for their freedom, and have the brains to use words to inspire others to do likewise.
Armed resistance is suicide, but the inspiration of the masses to participate in open refusal to comply is victory.
Get rid of local government, and replace them with real patriots, as DC is our mortal enemy, and only state governments can win our freedom back.


It’s a great article and well worth spreading around for sure. We need to get people to stop thinking in terms of using Washington to fix it and instead start thinking in terms of personal liberty gained and held through local action with D.C. no longer being part of the equation.

We’re all Americans, but that doesn’t mean we’re all part of the same country or some other political nonsense.

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