Liberty Commentary

Life After Authority

from Bowers of Paradise

I wonder if trying to sell an “-ism” to people is a bit like trying to speak in another language to someone whose native language is, in fact, your own.  After all, nobody comes to advocate an “-ism” because they like the sound of it on paper.  It all comes back to the life experiences that shape people’s opinions.  And when you get down to it, many people’s ideologies/personas are a reaction to some perceived form of injustice/abuse.  How many “liberals” who spout the nauseating cliches about “our Government is our servant…” are simply reacting, and not at all without justification, to the destruction that has been wrought in the last few decades under a (watered-down, pop-)Reaganite “antigovernment” rhetoric?  How many state-worshipping conservatives really do think that “America” is protecting something worth protecting?  Plenty.

Selling an “-ism” is always problematic.  They, of course, are doing the same thing.  That’s par for the course, with all authoritarian social theories.  Never let our daily lives get in the way.  Always make the defense of the state hinge on some abstract ideal “democracy” or “limited government”, regardless of what is really happening right now.  But why oblige?  Think of why anti-authoritarianism matters to you.  Why it should matter to other people.  That matters a lot more than the abstract political shit.  It’s not even a political question.  The structures will fall into place according to whether we submit to or resist the would-be rulers in our everyday lives.