When All Else Fails

Think the Gulf’s Horizon Oil Spill Is A Wash?

by Aaron Turpen, Aarons EnvironMental Corner

Cyclone Power Technologies doesn’t.  The company makes a multi-fuel combustion engine which creates heat to steam water which turns a turbine, creating power.  The engine is made for remote locations where conventional fuels are not readily available and for future technologies that may require self-fueling, such as unmanned robots that harvest their own fuel to become self-sustaining.  The company recently tried using recovered oil from the Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in their engine.  It burnt, without modification, at heat levels (BTUs) acceptable for power plant operations.

In other words, the machine can use recovered oil from the Gulf to power itself and anything it’s making energy for.

The possibilities for scaled versions of the Cyclone Power generator could be endless.  The military’sDARPA (advanced research lab) is sponsoring a test to create unmanned robots capable of using any land-based vegetative mass as fuel for near-perpetual operations.

Dr. Robert Finkelstein of Robotic Technology, Inc. says that the technology could be used as a self-sustaining, automated, unmanned (robotic) fleet of units that can scour oceans and shorelines for spilled oil and consume it.  Excess power could even be stored for later retrieval to use in grid applications such as recharging electric cars or off-shore facilities.

Now THAT is innovation, folks.