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The McCrystal Psy-Ops at Rolling Stone

from RebelNews

It’s sickening! As soon as anyone remotely significant publishes any dirt on our psychopathic leaders, the gullible alternative media jump at it as if it was the Gospel of the Lord. I’m thinking of the Seymour M. Hersh articles in the New Yorker concerning illegal wiretapping and U.S. plans to attack Iran, the Walt/Mearsheimer article on the Israel Lobby in the London Review of Books, and now the Rolling Stone article on the U.S. military leadership’s less than respectful attitude towards the Obama administration.

In a sad case of groupthink most self-professed ‘progressives’ and ‘dissidents’ graciously overlook a couple of important facts:

  1. Before his assignment in Afghanistan, McCrystal used to be the man in charge of psychological warfare in the Middle-East.
  2. A man of his ambition, intelligence and iron self-discipline wouldn’t make stupid remarks like those quoted in Rolling Stone, knowing very well that it would leave Obama with no option but dismiss him.
  3. He was allowed to retire with full four star general benefits, in spite of not having served long enough as a four star general.

Considering these facts it is obvious that what we are dealing here with is a carefully crafted psy-ops run by the Anglo-Judean Axis of Greed. We are lead to believe that there are serious frictions between the Obama administration and the U.S. military in Afghanistan, following numerous reports on tensions between the U.S. and the U.K. occupation forces. No wonder, Western sheeples are supposed to think, that this war is not going anywhere.

Another theme in recent psy-ops is that the Afghanistan occupation is about achieving economic benefits. I’m thinking of the comments of the German president which supposedly lead to his “forced” resignation. His stunt was backed up by the recent hype about trillions worth of minerals stored away in the grounds of Afghanistan. Oh, wow, we are meant to believe, that’s why they are wasting so much money on that pile of stones.

Bullshit!!! Afghanistan is not about minerals nor pipelines, and – you probably figured that – not about catching late would-be James Bond and bored Saudi billionaire’s son Osama bin Laden, a life-long C.I.A. ‘destabilisation operative’, an euphemism for tax-payer funded terrorists.

Afghanistan is about one thing and one thing alone: ensuring the undisturbed production and distribution of 90% of the world’s opium. Opium is the basic ingredient of most illegal drugs. Illegal drugs are the biggest and most profitable industry in the world, courtesy of taxpayer funded monopoly protection. 95% of illegal drugs are sold by government agencies, to fill their coffers with money the parliament doesn’t know about.