Liberty Commentary

Tooth Fairy Government

byTNerenz, C4L

I call it Tooth Fairy Government: they steal your quarter, put it under their kid’s pillow, and then make believe the world is 25 cents richer.

If you are the child on the receiving end, you like Tooth Fairy Government. It promises to buy your car, pay your mortgage, send you to college, pay for your health care, create a green job for you, pay your pension, and bailout your business if you fail.

And Tooth Fairy Government promises to do all that without raising your taxes, increasing your debt, burning a single gram of carbon, costing a single job, creating a single percentage point of inflation, or leaving a single child behind.

Your end of the bargain is to remain a child; an irresponsible, selfish, demanding, jealous child, focused solely on your own needs and desires, totally oblivious to the rights of others.

You must believe you are entitled to that quarter, and you must accept that you are incapable of earning it for yourself. You must learn to hate the child who was deprived when it was stolen from his parents, and you must agree to blame them for your troubles. You must call the theft of their quarters “justice”, and describe your perpetual dependence as “the public good”.

That is the only way you will accept the lie; to squeal with delight when the stolen quarter appears; to vote for Mommy and Daddy when they promise to steal another.

Alas, there is no Tooth Fairy, and there is no Tooth Fairy Government. It you still believe in either one, you need to grow up.

We have run out of other people’s quarters, and it is time that Mommy and Daddy quit playing make believe and tell you where quarters really come from: the capitalists make them. Or we would if the government would get out of our way.

Wealth is produced; it is the product of someone’s labor. To claim an entitlement to someone else’s labor is to enslave them, to make theirperson your property. And slavery is immoral, whether it is done by an individual, a corporation, or a government.

Enslaving our most productive capitalists – i.e. “taxing the rich” – is not only immoral, it is stupid. It prevents those most able to create the most wealth from doing so. It means less quarters when we need more quarters.

The Tooth Fairy socialists have never understood where quarters come from. They give it no more thought than does the child peeking under his pillow hoping another one will somehow appear.

We should love both our children and our socialists, but we shouldn’t let either of them run the country.