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Black Woman Defends “Racism”

Mili Note: An undeniable and fundamental part of being truly free and living in liberty is right of association.  You have the right to associate, marry, or otherwise spend time with people based entirely on your own choice.  Even if that choice is based on racist motives or on personal beliefs regarding genetic makeup.  The right of association implies, obviously, the right of dissociation as well.

by Mary, HenryMakow

I’ve been thinking about the push to be interracial too because it’s troubling. There always has been and always will be some mixing between racial, cultural and ethnic groups, and that’s fine when it happens naturally.

But,  if a teenager were to look at VH1, MTV, cable shows, and network tv they’d soon conclude that besides enforcing negative racial stereotypes (unsexy Asian geek males,  Black men as jocks, musicians, and always from the ‘hood even if they’re now educated and professional), that interracial dating is the norm. In fact, if you prefer to stay with your own,  you’re racist and uncool. That’s very dangerous thinking.

A White American woman wrote advice columnist Carolyn Hax because she prefers to date only White men. She does not wish  to go through the stress of interracial dating. Her friends have strongly denounced her as being racist. Of course, Hax agreed that she was being racist and chided her.

She didn’t say she thought Jews were scum or Asians inferior, she said that she’s more comfortable with White men and White culture. That’s her prerogative and should be respected. Hax’s response is going to become the norm; mark my words. And as it does, the dangerous supremacist groups will become more troublesome, rebellious and active.

I’m American to the bone and  Black American to the marrow. Encouraging and socially bullying folks into interracial unions is dangerous for us. We’re only 13% of the population; we will not exist as a people if we mix out. Now,  I know people that would be happy about that, but since these are my people I’m a little less thrilled,thank you.

But, I think that’s the plan. I study Latin American culture and one of their ways of dealing with Blacks has been to encourage mixing out. It works; how many dark skinned Afrochileans do you know?

Exactly. The  immensely popular Mexican educator and philosopher, Jose Vasconcelos,  was definitely a racist; he considered non Whites to be inferior. He suggested racial mixing in part as a way to form a superman with all the best qualities of each race (who can really ensure that that happens? Ridiculous, but wildly popular idea in Latin America.) but also as a way to mix out “undesirables”.

Minorities were told that they were inferior and that mixing with Whites or at least other minorities more successful than themselves would “improve” the race. To this day you can find mixed Latinos waxing poetic about how their mixed existence improved their DNA. But these same folks get upset if you tell them that they have minority features.

I’ve heard that in England, racial mixtures are encouraged for the same reason, but Whites get very upset when first generation Brits choose to marry someone from their own ethnic, racial or cultural group.

I know many American White liberals uncomfortable with race relations who are so happy at the idea of just mixing up and forgetting everything. That’s a cop out, and the only one that benefits is the White liberal. I’ve never met a minority or someone strongly attached to an ethnic or cultural group that was overjoyed at the prospect of mixing into nonexistence.

Because of the way the Americas were formed and the advantage that immigrants gained and still gain from our formation, there will be racial strife until everybody mans up works through the guilt, resentment, etc.

Years ago I read about a White American woman who formed a group for Black and White Americans to talk about and work out grievances. She soon realized that people felt uncomfortable really digging down and admitting the deep feelings driving their racial ideas and opinions to someone of another race, and she very wisely decided that since she was a White woman, that it was best for her to have a White only racial strife group.

Of course folks rant and put out their anger and frustration first, but only with one of their own will a person feel comfortable going beyond the initial feelings and digging deep. I do not discuss race with non-Blacks exactly for that reason and I don’t expect a non-Black to tell me their deep down feelings about race either.  Why should they make themselves vulnerable to me or viceversa? All the so-called race discussions on TV are bull for that very reason. This needs to be worked out privately first, just like in a family.

That woman was on to something big. Unfortunately,with  today’s coercive multicultural, diversity crap, this woman would be forced from her job and ostracized as a …. racist (sigh).

New immigrants are being allowed to introduce their racial stereotypes and prejudices-which are pretty primitive and frightening, truth be told- into the already volatile mix.  That doesn’t bode well since they’re well educated and in two generations will hold positions of power.

Thanks for listening.


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About time we start to develop this sort of dialogue. The entire world does not have to be force fed multiculturalism. We can talk about this without chastising people who don’t agree with it. It does Not make them “racist”. Why is it that white women are encouraged, almost required to date other races? Yet no other race or sex has that same social pressure. Lets start talking about it, without throwing “racist” stones.

Militant Libertarian

Damn straight it is. The funny thing is, nobody says anything when watching the History Channel or Discovery and seeing anthropologists talking about “Afroid” (aka “negroid” aka “African”) or “Caucasian” or “Mongoloid” prototypes. They classify all of their bones and whatnot that way. It’s one of the fundamental ways they measure features and figure out where the person came from, etc. Even forensic police do it. So why aren’t we allowed to talk about it in public?

I once had a great, informative, and highly interesting conversation with a guy regarding racial types. He believed there were four (I later looked and until sometime in the 1960s, this was the case): Australoid, Caucasoid, Mongoloid, and Negroid. All with distinct physical, skeletal differences to mark them. Until political correctness came along, the differences were enough that in any other species, they would have been called separate subspecia of the whole.

But hey, that’s not PC..

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