Militant Rants

A Few Notes on Comment Spam

So that you readers know, I am no longer going through the spam filter’s list of comments that have been marked as spam to make sure they’re not mislabeled.  So far, the filter has done a great job and the time required to go through over 200 comments per day just to find the one a week (or less) that was wrongly filtered isn’t justified.  So messages marked as spam will be deleted daily without my visually verifying first.

This means that if you leave a comment on a post and it doesn’t appear within five or six minutes, it’s probably been filtered as “spam.”  The deletion process of those isn’t automatic.  I have to actually click a “delete all the garbage” button back here behind the magic website curtain and then say important-sounding things like “Askimet-o en liberate con portante” and twist my tongue for sound effect ambiance.*

So if you suspect that your comment was filtered as spam, you can email me and request that I look for it.  No guarantees that it’s still there for retrieval, but I’ll do my best.

As most of you know, this site leaves the commentary unmoderated.  I read new comments and often reply to them, but only a very few things will cause a comment to be deleted on purpose (see the extremely liberal, in a classic way, rules for comments on the About page).

There you have the updates.  I’ve changed the aforementioned rules to reflect the new state of affairs.

By the way, the spam received as commentary runs the gambit from things covered by the DEA, the FDA, the USDA, the FCC, and more.  I’ve often considered a regular “best spam of the week” post, but that would mean I’d have to actually read them..

*For the record, my usual phrase is “Die you #$%@#$ con artist @$@#$!@# sons a bitches!” or, if I’m in a more Shakespearean mood, “I fart in your general direction!  Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!”  Often that last line is shortened to “Kannnnnniggets” when I’m in a hurry.