USA: Police State

Deputies Assault Young Children With Tasers, and Nearly Rape Pre-Teen Boy

Sleepy Eagle

This is the kind of police brutality horror story that makes rappers talk about killing cops. Fuck the police, I couldn’t agree more.

Here is an incident where two police officers were called in to help control a situation between two kids age 11 and 12 at a shelter. They were probably acting out a bit and the pansy ass staff wouldn’t lay down the law.  This problem, however, was not addressed in the slightest.  The brutes busted into the shelter for young adolescents with ill intent already on the brain.

One officer began to shock a kid with his taser repeatedly. Perhaps the kid uttered something about the officer’s fat gut or the pastry crumbs stuck in his mustache. The man in blue then forced the boy to lie down, and threatened him with sodomy while continuing the electrical assault. That’s right, this “officer of the law” physically assaulted a pre-teen boy and came close to raping him. The boy pissed and shit all over himself from pure trauma–which I heard can net you a pretty nice sum in a lawsuit based on public humiliation alone. Obviously this didn’t alarm the filthy swine because he paid no mind and continued to savagely attack the child with his taser.

A 17 year old girl who was visiting the shelter begged the officer to stop. This is when the second pig stepped in and promptly handcuffed the girl, lifted her off her feet, carried her down the hallway, strangled her, and then locked her in a closet–at which time she began to vomit uncontrollably.

All of this to handle a tiny dispute between two young boys. When asked about the incident, the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office says the deputies “acted responsibly”.

How long will our society allow this to continue? Our leaders and their hired hell hounds have no morals, and obviously no regard for the law or human safety. They are the most corrupt and dangerous gang in history, and their power is nearly limitless. These shit-covered disease-infested pigs are free to roam the land as they please, with all the tools they need to be a professional criminal and none of the moral integrity to fight it.

Next time you see a cop, don’t automatically think that he is a good guy, and for god’s sake, hide your children from him.

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