USA: Police State

Potentially Lethal Lemonade Hits the Streets of San Francisco

by David Kramer, LRC

First Pennsylvania. Then Oregon. Now all hell almost broke loose on the streets of San Francisco, California. But thanks to the “bravery” of the brainless-in-blue, after having broken up a a potentially life-threatening barrage of bell-ringing Mexican ice cream vendors who were selling their fare without permission of the State, a bunch of babes in the woods were browbeaten into submission who also were hawking without State permission brownies and—what appears to be a growing menace that could undermine the health of the public—lemonade.

After this latest incident, my guess it that the blowhard bureaucRATs in Washington D.C. will next pass a Federal law banning the sale of unlicensed lemonade in all fifty states in order to nip this growing potential public health menace in the bud. (I really shouldn’t make facetious remarks like this because you just know that one of those mini-Mussolinis in Congress may actually propose this.)