Fighting Back

Wikileaks Must be Protected and Respected

by George Donnelly, FR33 Agents

WikiLeaks represents a clear and present danger to the United States government’s campaign of murder, occupation, torture, theft, spying and propaganda worldwide. That is why commentators such as Marc Thiessen of the Washington Post so strenuously demand that it be shut down. This is also why you must step forward in support of WikiLeaks, before its founder Julian Assange turns up shackled in a secret CIA prison overseas.

Don’t be fooled! WikiLeaks is a beacon of truth and liberty in a world under siege by the criminal enterprise called the United States government. Assange and his ragtag crew reveal this criminal gang’s secrets to the civilized world so that we might know them for who they are, and act accordingly. WikiLeaks is the latest star in a long series of truth-tellers, muckrakers and whistleblowers that have made ours a more civilized and just society. Its networked model is the future of our peaceful resistance to war, murder and other forms of aggression.

Let’s be clear: the United States government is putting good people in harm’s way. Not WikiLeaks. If WikiLeaks were to reveal a secret list of mafia hitmen and informers, would you accuse them of putting these criminals in jeopardy of being held accountable for their actions? Or would you cheer them for outing evildoers and saving innocent people’s lives? Only a fellow mafia hitman or mafia sympathizer would attack WikiLeaks for this kind of act.

Similarly, don’t stand for any government thug who says Bradley Manning, the soldier accused of leaking theCollateral Murder video to WikiLeaks, should be executed. These thugs aim to swiftly and surely punish anyone who stands up for liberty and truth, to set an example of them so that you will be further intimidated.

The threats against Julian Assange and Bradley Manning are threats against you. While they are among the first to find the courage and wherewithal to stand up against the United Statesian Empire, you or someone you know could be next. Supporters of WikiLeaks would do well to indict Marc Thiessen, and anyone who threatens WikiLeaks, in the court of public opinion. Don’t wait another minute to do so!