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Marijuana Legalization Gaining Support in Mexico

by Aaron Turpen, CannaCentral

As the War on Drugs continues to take its toll on Mexico, activists and even politicians are beginning to see legalization as the most practical way to deal with the war’s resulting problems.  As drug cartels and gangs ravage Mexican cities and streets, activists such as law professor Alejandro Madrazo Lajous are fighting to get marijuana legalization passed nationally.

Madrazo is an attorney for the Collective for an Integral Policy on Drugs, which has support of many activist groups, academics, and politicians.  He agrees with many activists and pundits who say that the change in attitude throughout Mexico is mainly due to the public’s frustration with the failing War on Drugs and changing generational attitudes towards drugs (particularly pot) in general.

With a drug war death toll of over 28,000 since 2006, it’s no wonder Mexicans are getting tired of the War on (some) Drugs.  Even the President of Mexico, Felipe Calderon, has said that while he personally doesn’t agree with the idea, it is time to publicly debate legalization for some of the softer drugs.

Looking towards their neighbors in the north, the people of Mexico see 14 of 50 states with some kind of marijuana legalization.  Considering their neighbors, they also see that around 5% of their population are regular marijuana users (the numbers in the U.S. are double that).

Mexico’s House of Deputies is considering four proposals that range from full legalization to decriminalization while another is being considered in the Senate.  Supporters run the political gamut as well, coming from all sides and positions.  Former President Vincente Fox is also pushing for legalization, which must make his buddy G.W. Bush a little unhappy.

[source Dallas News]


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Jillian Galloway

According to the ONDCP, two-thirds of the cartels’ money comes from selling marijuana in the U.S. This is their gun-buying money, this is their police-bribing money, this is the money they use to pay their hitmen to torture, murder and dismember men women and children in order to intimidate their rivals and protect their marijuana-smuggling routes into the U.S.

If the prohibition stopped people buying marijuana the cartels would be decimated, they’d be a shadow of what they are today. But it doesn’t. During the seventy years since we started the prohibition it has never stopped people buying the marijuana they wanted.

We got tough on drugs, we humiliated stoners, we even asked them to “just say no” but none of it worked. Their money fuels the cartels, destabilizes our region and draws criminals into our communities looking for easy money.

We have to stop pretending that we’re not the cause of this problem and we have to stop pretending that we’re doing all that we can to fix it because if we don’t fix it the cartels will turn Mexico into the next Afghanistan and the children of America will be their target customers!

We can’t stop people from buying marijuana but we can stop them from buying *cartel* marijuana. We *can* sell people our own marijuana and set its price at a level too low for the cartels to match. We can eliminate the demand for cartel marijuana by licensing reputable companies to produce it and sell it to adults.

Just like you I help fund the prohibition and I say enough! Support for the prohibition is support for a weak America.

Militant Libertarian

Very well said.

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