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The Two-Headed Hydra That Rules The World, Part One

Il Professore, Anthroconservative Beacon

Anthroconservatives may well ask, who is it we are fighting? That is, who or what has the power to imprison human nature and delude millions into serving the narrow interests and warped values of a selfish, crafty minority? The answer is, of course, that a great many political, religious, philosophical, economic, and cultural illusions have been devised by a great many scheming charlatans over the eons, but the contemporary elite is, broadly speaking, a coalition between two types of institutional power: governmental and corporate. I call this unholy alliance “the bureaucratic-plutocratic elite.”

Why bureaucratic? It is obvious that the chief goal of the Democratic Party, and the one which it has proved most adept at achieving, is the expansion of governmental power. Indeed, at least since the end of the 19th century, the growth in the power of centralized governments has been a consistent trend in all major Western countries. How often do we stop to contemplate the fact that the Founding Fathers fought to free America from a “tyrannical” regime that legislated, regulated, and taxed the colonists FAR, FAR LESS than the government of today? In this sense, what measure of “freedom” have we gained? Here we should point out the law is, in the truest sense, the negation of liberty. After all, LAWS EXIST IN ORDER TO TELL PEOPLE WHAT TO DO. Thus, the proliferation of lawyers, of legislators, of bureaucrats, and of law enforcement officials, is a boon to the power of government itself, but is equally a threat to the freedom of ordinary people. Again, this is not to deny that government can and does serve the people in some cases, but it is clear that the sprawling growth of government in this day and age has served mainly the interests of the governing class, and not those of the governed.

But should we be surprised? Hardly. Democrats are lavishly supported with campaign donations from trial lawyers and unionized civil servants. Many of their demographic constituencies, moreover, have swallowed the big lie that government is the answer to all of their problems. Thus, the Democratic Party is today the epitome of the “big government” approach to bettering society, and it works tirelessly to expand the jurisdiction and budgets of bureaucrats, so that we may all inch a little closer to the centrally-planned utopia that leftists have in mind for us. We have seen this confirmed in the last year and a half. The Democrats, newly in power, have salivated at the opportunity to expand government programs, to create new entitlements, and to hire more government workers. Indeed, bureaucracy has become, quite literally, the biggest growth industry in America. We observed a couple of weeks ago that government spending in the United States now approaches 45% (!!!) of GDP. Clearly, bureaucrats, and Democrats, have done their jobs well.

We will explore the PLUTOCRATIC dimension of the contemporary elite in tomorrow’s post…