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The Two-Headed Hydra That Rules The World, Part Two

by Il Professore, Anthroconservative Beacon

If Democrats are shameless advocates of more government, unfortunately, we conservatives would have to admit, the Republicans are not much better. They too play to the bureaucratic mentality, supporting the growth of government so as to ingratiate themselves with “moderate” voters. They also consistently lobby to secure a “fair share” of the government pie for Republican-oriented special interests and favored constituencies. Republican spending proposals are, thus, only slightly less profligate than those of the Democrats.
The Republican Party, however, is meaningfully distinct, in that it is, more so than the Democrats, held captive by another form of institutional power: big corporations. The resumes of Messieurs Bush and Cheney in themselves make this marriage between Republicans and corporate greed plain. Both were oil men. Both were savvy practitioners of the peculiarly modern art of combining corporate deal-making with government contracts and political backscratching. Michael Moore, that great enemy of conservatism, has done a competent job of revealing the highly questionable connections between Republican politicians and corporate leaders and the international capitalist elite. Make no mistake, therefore – if the Republican Party represents anyone, it is businessmen, and especially those businessmen who find themselves at the very top of the corporate ladder.
Given the penetration of the highest levels of government by corporate front-men, it should surprise no one that, more often than not, the government agencies that are supposed to be overseeing the activities of corporations are in fact colluding with them. Not uncommonly, in fact, corporate officials write the very laws that are supposedly designed to keep them honest – not that it matters, since regulators seldom deign to enforce them, against the wishes of their corporate friends. Anyone who doubts the malevolent influence of big corporations in American politics has only to “follow the money,” as the saying goes, and he will quickly discover that large companies, associations of large companies, and – just as damagingly – the officials of and investors in large companies, are the true masters of the Republican Party (and to a growing extent they influence mainstream Democrats as well). Any Republican administration, for this reason, can be relied upon to TALK about gay marriage, abortion, flag-burning, illegal immigration, school prayer, and other “social issues”; but, more tellingly, it can be relied upon to ACT to achieve lower taxes for corporations and the very rich. In this sense, the Republican Party is just as much the slave of institutional, inhuman interests as are the Democrats.
From an Anthroconservative perspective, although we must acknowledge that the Republicans are more often on the side of right than are the Democrats, we must also realize that both parties are, as it were, opposite sides of the same debased coin. Both represent the confluence of bureaucratic-plutocratic power. Neither will surrender its stranglehold on political power, and, more importantly, on the political conversation, without a fight. Luckily for them, the media, itself shot through with bureaucratic and plutocratic meddling, will likely shy away from serious criticism of the current regime unless and until its claim to legitimacy is utterly threadbare (which may happen sooner than we think). UNLUCKILY for the bureaucratic-plutocratic hydra, however, Anthroconservatism is on the march, and we see beyond the manipulatory schemes of bureaucrats and corporate apologists. We foresee a future when men and women will be free, and institutional interests will be tamed.