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‘The Other Guys’ Movie Poster Disarmed By Muni

by Joe Eskenazi, SFWeekly

The forthcoming Will Ferrell-Mark Wahlberg flick The Other Guys may yet be riddled with pot shots from film critics. Poor Ferrell and Wahlberg — on Muni, they can’t shoot back.

While the official poster for the film features a maniacal Ferrell and the menacing Wahlberg sailing through the air, guns drawn, the version in Muni stations features Ferrell brandishing a vial of pepper spray and Wahlberg relying upon his bare fists. This is not a coincidence.

“Well, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency does have an advertising policy that states ads should not appear to promote the use of firearms or advocate any violent action,” explains spokesman Paul Rose. You can read the stipulations against promoting “the use of firearms” and “imminent lawlessness or violent actions” right here.

This kind of thing comes up several times a year, Rose says.

In any event, you won’t be seeing posters like thisthis, or this anytime soon in a Muni station.

Update, Aug. 10: Interestingly, while the stars are disarmed in the posters within Muni stations, Wahlberg and Ferrell are packing heat on the sides of Muni vehicles — an interesting, if nonsensical, double-standard.