Make Love, Not War: Activists Get A La Natural For Peace!

Posted: August 19th, 2010 by Militant Libertarian

Yep, birthday suits so get over it already.

You’re born in it and you die in it.

What if someone declared a war and everyone showed up nude?

Which clothed and unclothed people would Jesus murder?


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  1. Here we see Vienna living at peace on the ski slopes, in the park, and even running a marathon.

    No looting, no stealing, no black-masked ninja-enforcers.

    No raping, no robbery, no invasions, no occupations.

    No witchhunts, no burnings, no stakes through the heart.

    No kidnappings, no political imprisonments, no assassinations.

    No domestics hunting foreigners, no foreigners hunting domestics.

    No CIA, no JFK, no MLK, no Benazir Bhutto, no Bin Laden.

    Just six minutes and thirty-seven seconds of Peace, Prosperity, and Property!

    Congratulations to Vienna for living peacefully, sharing her beauty, and having the courage to show the planet a glimmer of peace.


  2. Woman strips at Occupy Wall Street –

    Note: Strip means STRIP…as in nsfw/naked/nude/etc. as in #dontwatchthisatwork #bewareoftheshouldersurfers

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