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The Really Truly Hillary Gallery

These are just a couple of the huge number of hilarious, scary, and revealing pictures of Hillary Clinton at ZombieTime.  You can see plenty more by going there.  Captions for these photos are my own.  Special thanks to Gadget42 for sending me this link.


I think that this was that point in the campaign where her handlers said she needed to "show more personality." O.o

If she had shown this face to Bill more often, he might not have gotten in so much trouble with the ladies..


Militant Libertarian

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Dave K

I only made it about 1/3 of the way down and I couldn’t take any more. They should run that page as a slide show to sex offenders, looping it over and over. They would never think about sex again.

Shoot, they could use such a thing to replace waterboarding. Use the song “I’ll Tumble For Ya” by Culture Club(*Shudder*) as the background track.

“Sergeant, begin the Hillary clip.”


Militant Libertarian

hahaha, good one Dave. You’re right. Those are perfect examples of how this could be used for the greater good. :)

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