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New case & new video: Man walking dogs alleges police used excessive force

by Heidi Hemmat, Fox31

DENVER – What started as a walk to the park with his dogs ended with a trip to the hospital for a Denver dog owner. 32-year-old Mark Ashford says he was beaten black and blue by two Denver Police officers.

“They punched him and pinned him up against the fence and forced his head into the concrete.” Ashford’s attorney, Will Hart, said the beating that was caught on camera is a clear case of Excessive Force. “This happened when he was walking his dogs, he has a conversation with another citizen that the police officer doesn’t like and as a result, he ends up in the hospital,” said Hart.

Hart says Mark Ashford was walking his dogs near 20th and Little Raven in LoDo, when he saw police pull over a driver for failing to stop at a stop sign. Ashford told the driver he saw him stop and would be willing to testify in court. Hart says the officer overheard him and “wasn’t very happy.”

That’s when Ashford says the Denver police officers demanded his I.D. and detained him. Ashford tried to take a picture of the officers to document the incident, and a few second later he was on the ground.

Police charged Ashford with interference and resisting arrest. Hart says, the charges were later dropped because the officers violated Ashford’s 4th amendment rights, “they had no reason to stop him, take his ID or detain him.”

An Excessive Force complaint was filed against both officers involved. A Denver police spokesperson says the internal affairs department has completed its investigation, but they are now turning the case over to the independent police monitor. Police won’t say if the officers were disciplined in any way until the investigation is complete.

Read the rest at this link and to see video.


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John and Dagny Galt

Nazi Jackboot Murderous Stasi Stormtroopers doing what they are trained and paid and led by their kind, christian hearts to do.

Why do you think they call them ENFORCERS?

Hell, they’re jackbooting seven-year-olds and lemonade stands now…will they be murdering babies in strollers next?

You do remember Exodus Chapter One Verse Twenty-Two don’t you?

So it was written, so was it done…and Pharaoh’s ENFORCERS were sent out across the land to ENFORCE the murder of the first-born sons.

Things that make you go hmmm….

Mothers, don’t let your babies grow up to be jackboots…train them to be Peace Persons instead.

Who would Jesus jackboot?

Starving The Monkeys and Ending The Looterfest,
John and Dagny Galt
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